Scarlet O'hara has nothing on Scarlet O'Phoebe and ????

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  1. Hi Marybel and thank you. Don't you just love the BV color. I can't believe,, with the extra 29% card I got them for $159 each plus tax.
  2. Great score, both are just beautiful, you always get the best bags. Enjoy them both.
  3. Gorgeous! Congratulations!!!

  4. Yes I love it! I had convinced myself I did not need a bv phoebe since I have the small phoebe in needlepoint in bv, but as soon as I saw it a the outlet last weekend, I had to get it. Mine was 50/10, so still pretty good price!
  5. Love Phoebe. Great color choice...
  6. It makes it so much more fun when you know you are getting an awesome deal.

  7. Wow, two gorgeous bags in beautiful colors!
    You really scored on these bags granny.
    Congrats and enjoy those beauties!
  8. Awesome!! They are beautiful!!!
  9. I have both of those colors in small Phoebe because I am petite and don't think I could pull off the large Phoebe. Love those colors!!!!!
  10. Thank you lucydee, I am thrilled with these 2 bags.
  11. Thank you yellowbernie. You have an awesome collection yourself.
  12. Thank you, I'm very happy.
  13. Great scores! Congrats! :smile:
  14. Thank you!
  15. Scarlet and BV are great colors! Congrats!