Scarlet Nikki - Fixed and Home

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  1. Huge kudos to Nicole at RM, my bag is back home! I emailed on 01/11 and told Sarah and then Nicole about the hardware falling off my Nikki, as well as why it upset me more than it should have. Bless 'em, they took such good care of my bag - sent me a return shipping label within minutes, assured me they would track it so nothing happened to it and, sure enough, it came back today as good as new.

    So now I can "rock that red bag" like DH told me to right before he passed. (Although at my age, I don't know that I can 'rock' anything but I'll give it a try.) This was the last gift my sweetie gave me, so to have it repaired and in such a timely manner has just made my day. May everyone's CS issues go so well!

    (Mods: I tried to edit my old thread with this update, but for some reason couldn't get it to work for me. Please move this as you see fit - sorry!)
  2. This is wonderful, heartwarming news. I was so glad to hear about this happy ending to your RM saga.
  3. Great to hear that you got your bag fixed! Girl, you can rock whatever you want to! Lets get some mod pictures up on here!
  4. I'm so glad you got your bag back, and can enjoy your memories of your DH again.:flowers: This will make my day.
  5. Aw, this made me feel all happy, warm, and fuzzy inside! :smile: I'm glad it all worked out in the end.
  6. oh i am so happy for you and im so happy that the RM team took good care of you during this process!!! now go and enjoy your bag:hugs:
  7. :biggrin: Pics?
  8. Great ending..That story could have ended so many ways but I am very happy it ended the best it possibly could have.... I agree that Nicole is amazing at RM. She's got skillz.. Congrats on getting your bag back and can't wait for pics!
  9. we demand pics!!! :P
  10. I'm soo happy for you!
  11. That's great news!!
  12. oooh yes pics please! So glad that RM came through on this one!!:tup:
  13. Oh you are all so sweet to be happy with me! Pics?? I used to could do that, but now it won't let me just upload and be happy with it - drat! It would have to wait till tomorrow anyway since I'm in pj-mode. LOL - we don't want that. Steer me the right way, and I will try to do so tomorrow.

    Thanks again for sharing the good news with me! Nikki is perfect again thanks to Nicole and the RM-fixit crew. (and I will attempt to 'rock it'. I have teenagers - you can imagine the eyerolling fixing to commence....)
  14. So glad you got your bag back! I'm sure you'll rock it!
  15. Thata's good news! My bracelet repair won't be finished before 3 months are up though. :yucky: