Scarlet Mini Nikki Owners...need advice

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  1. I just received my Scarlet mini Nikki today after 3 weeks of waiting for it. I love the color but am very surprised at the stiffness of the leather. Will it soften and ever become smooshy? I conditioned it with Apple but it didn't seem to do anything for it. I have the purple patent and it is very squishy; I guess I expected this bag to be similar. Any advice for me?:confused1:
  2. Hello and congrats on your new scarlet bag! Sorry that you were expecting a different leather though, that is always a bummer. Just to let you know RM leathers vary GREATLY! You can never assume a leather will be a certain way based on a bags previous leather because RM is one of the few designers that actually changes texture as often as color.

    Some bags are smooshy, some are glazed, some are structured, some are like buttah and some are stiffer and then break in.

    As for the scarlet, I believe it has been said that it gets softer with use.. I'm sure some of the ladies that own this bag will chime in.

    I hope it all works out for you! The scarlet is a beautiful color ;)
  3. Well, I don't think it will ever puddle but it should loosen up after a week or two---mine did. HTH :smile:
  4. I agree with Tracy. Mine has been carried quite a bit over the last two months or so? It doesn't puddle but it has definitely loosened up quite a bit. And it is still hands down my favorite RM.
  5. Mine's the Nikki size. There is a lot of stiff leather to arrange when I initially carried her but in a week of use, it has started to soften. Mine's not been used a lot lot so while it's softer, it is not smooshy.
  6. Load it up with weight every night and hang it on your doorknob to help shape it. It will get more pliable with use, but I don't know if it will be so soft that it just puddles when it's empty. Every bag and leather is different!
  7. I've had mine since last Friday. So far it is starting to soften a little. I have carried it twice and when it's not in use I hang it on a door knob with some items inside.

    I have a question....what should I use to protect the leather? I read some of the threads but wondered about this specific bag since the leather is so different.
  8. I just use Apple Garde water repellent spray on mine. It did not alter the leather col or texture at all. The glazing is still there too.
  9. Thank you. I just ordered some off 20% off if you use coupon code clearance.
  10. i have a full size nikki and it is by far one of the stiffest RM's i've owned. I own two other RM's in a similar leather (glazed sunshine (sold now) and the eggshell) and both of those are much softer, and break in nicely. I'm sure the scarlett will also. Just may take a little longer.