Scarlet Johannson Recording Her Debut Album

  1. Scarlet Johannson who holds a passion on singing is reported getting serious on her music career. Talks are rife that TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek is to produce the actress' debut album with members of Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Celebration chipping in as collaborators.

    Not only does her voice is considered on the same level to the late Marilyn Monroe but it is also predicted to earn her a Grammy, said Dockside studio owner Steve Nails. She has been spending over a month in a Louisiana studio to work on the material.

    Johansson's first public singing is when she served as the backing vocal of reunited The Jesus and Mary Chain at this year's Coachella Festival. She is also rumored to be contributing a song for a Tom Waits cover album.

  2. Interesting!
  3. Oh lord...everyone's a singer. :rolleyes:
  4. Is it going to be as boring and mono-tone as her speaking voice? :sleepy:
  5. Well I've never technically heard her sing before sooooo.. who knows?
  6. My ears are going to bleed.
  7. She sings for a bit in Lost in Translation during that karaoke scene, but I guess that doesn't really count, so here's her cover of Summertime from the CD Unexpected Dreams: Songs of the Stars (buy).

    Scarlett Johansson - Summertime

    It's strange that she says she's passionate about music because it's not really evident in the way she sings? Sure she can usually hit her notes and get the right pitch, but I think her singing is rather lackluster and boring and sometimes grates my ears. There's just no personality or soul to it.
  8. why does everyone try and be a singer?
  9. I wonder how she sounds like
  10. more $$$ I guess
  11. Everyone thinks they can sing now..
  12. Wow, can't wait to hear her first single. Really. Just out of sheer curiosity.
  13. It doesn't take much to be a "singer" these days does it?
  14. I remember when JLo first started her singing career and it was pretty dreadful but now I quite like some of her songs, wouldn't purposefully listen to them, but would sing along if I heard them on the radio.

    Maybe she'll be good, though if she tries to be alternative, i'm not sure she will be.
  15. I wonder if she's any good. Who isn't relaseing a CD these days.