1. Are there anywhere in Florida I might be able to get Burberry scarfs as a fair price? Like an outlet or something.
    I know absolutely nothing about Burberry (I'm a Prada girl), so I was wondering if the light blue and pink scarfs are authentic as well? I've seen two different shades of the pink ones, and I absolutely love them.
  2. Isn't there a Burberry outlet at the Orlando Premium Outlets?
  3. To be honest I don't remember. I haven't been there since March.
  4. hi i'm from australia so i dont konw where u can get that scarf ..but recently i bought a baby pink burberry scarf in tokyo - it's authentic and i love it!! it's a long skinny one (which i prefer over the wider ones) and i think its made with angora + lamb wool. i bought it for around 23000yen
  5. There is a Burberry outlet at Sawgrass Mills outlet mall in Fort Lauderdale. They have scarves. There is also an outlet in Orlando at the Premium Outlets. Yep, the pink and blue one are authentic. There are also other colors and styles other than the classic camel/trench colors. The prices on the scarves at the outlets are great.
  6. Would you know whether or not there's a Burberry outlet anywhere near Chicago? My daughter wants one of those pastel colored Burberry wraps, and I'd rather not spend $300+!!!

  7. There sure is. It isn't super close to Chicago but it isn't too bad either. There is a Burberry outlet less than 60 miles to the east of Chicago in Michigan City, In. I think the sales tax is less there too. Good luck.
  8. Does anyone know how much the scarves are at the outlets? I see they're on BlueFly for $236 - I can get at least 10% off + free shipping w/my Borders Perks membership (there is a code for $30 off I'll try first) - would the outlet price be much less than $200? It would have to be to make it worth the trip (with gas prices so high, the scarf would have to be about 1/2 off to make it worth the trip)
  9. i just bought my scarf at an outlet last weekend. it's 100% cashmere, baby blue check, it was $160.
  10. FYI - I just went to BlueFly to order the scarf at $232, w/a $30 d/c code from TPF, when I found out that today (Sat) and Sunday only, all cashmere is an addtl 20% off - that means, the scarf, which was originally $295, marked down to $232, ended up costing me $188, less $30, + Free expedited shipping (had to pay standard s/h) for a total of $166!!!

    They have about 4-5 different nova check prints - camel, light tan, gray, rose and I think one other one - If you're looking for one, this is a great deal!