Scarfs wrapped on Speedy handles?

  1. I did a search so I apologise if there is a thread based on my question. I've heard of people wrapping scarfs on their speedy handles I was wondering if anyone had any photo's? Also, what kind of scarf do you use? (bandeau, scarf etc.) I might try it because I don't like my handles getting dirty so quickly.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. hmmm... Are you referring to the knitted "wraps" found online?

    I don't recall seeing anyone wrap a scarf completely around handles... but there's a thread of scarfs decorating bags...
  3. I heard its quite common with hermes bags... so no-one has photoS?
  4. It's common to see a scarf tied around the base of one of the handles of a purse, but I've NEVER seen both handles WRAPPED up in any material.
  5. I remember a member put some knitted covers over her speedy handles but that was about it. It's probably more a hermes thing. I've yet to see a post where someone here on the LV forum wrap a scarf or bandeau around their handles.
  6. i do know what you are talking about.
    i can't remember who it was.
    maybe Mick. she was totally into sharing scarf info for a while. do a few different searches. i would say it was about, 6 months ago though.

    if i find anything i will pm you.

    and it was just that. wrapping a scarf around the vachetta handles so that your hand's own oils wouldn't prematurely darken the handles.

    good luck!
  7. Thanks for the pic! I would try an LV bandeau but I don't own one... Is it 2 twilly's used? Or just one?
  8. Oops! Never mind....wrong pic!
  9. Oops! Sorry, didn't understand at first that you meant WRAPPED as in ALL the way around the handles. Sorry!
  10. ^ No problem! :yes:
  11. hmmm... well not very common with LV

    I personally think it's kinda weird..... and I recall a thread about the knitted wraps and most people thought they were kinda odd too. I think the difference with LV bags is that many members here LIKE the patina on the vachetta, so they don't wrap up the handles... just a guess
  12. no problem. I think it's 2 twilly's - one for each handle.
  13. Hey, who are we to call it odd, to each her own...if you want to wrap your handles do it honey!! I think it looks cute. Make your LV bag stand out. I have a bandeau and I am going to try it.

    ETA: I tried it real quick on my Speedy 40. I may try another way to tuck in the excess on the left side and just show the bow. But I think it's cute...
  14. I think thats really nice :tup: