Scarfs on Bags - What are your Thoughts?

  1. I bought a Rebecca Minkoff Matinee bag last week in black w/blue suede. Today I picked up a Morning After Bag in Glazed Espresso. On the table right next to the bags were a bunch of scarfs. I've seen quite a few women who tie scarfs to their bags so I decided to have a look (plus I recently saw a pic of Jessica Simpson w/a scarf tied to her Matinee and it looked pretty nice). I found a couple of Pucci printed scarfs and decided to buy one & try it out. The one I got was the only one like it - all the "traditional" Pucci colors of pink, blue, yellow, purple, black, turquoise and white. They had a few other Pucci scarfs - one was black & white, the other primarily pink. Although the black scarf may have been more neutral, it looked kinda "blah" on the bags - The colors in the scarf I got seem to go with either bag (the blue on the scarf really brings out the blue suede on the Matinee).

    Here's what I'm wondering: (1) What are your thoughts in general about tying a scarf on the handle of a handbag (in particular, a RM MA bag) and is their a certain way to do it and (2) do you think the scarf I chose will go not only with the bags I bought this week, but other colored bags (i.e., grey, caramel, rust or chocolate)?

    This scarf I bought looks very similar to this one (all the colors are the same), although the one I bought is smaller & made of cotton:


    And these are the RM bags that I bought:

  2. I love that scarf!! I dont know about how they would look... I really dont like scarves on bags except on hermes because well they go so well. To each his own. I think it will go though because of the black and well its so pretty. I think that it will be so cute on the MA because it is boxier.
  3. I tie a Hermes Twilly scarf to lots of my bags and love the look of it. It's the perfect size for that...
  4. Is that a smaller square scarf? Is there a certain way to tie them on that makes them look nicer? I actually just rolled mine up and slipped it through the hardware at the base of the handles, which I kinda like.
  5. No, it's not a small square. It's more of a skinny rectangle. They are usually sold rolled up in a small tube. Here's the link from the Hermes website:

  6. I see why you like those so much - it looks like the ideal scarf to tie onto a handbag (or use for a headband)! I've actually never seen the Hermes scarves, altho they do seem to be pretty popular. Another scarf I hear a lot about is the Alexander McQueen scarves (at least I think that's the correct name). Doesn't he do the skull & cross bones scarves??

    I've always liked the Pucci prints but the clothing's a little out of my price range. I found the scarf on the sale table and it wasn't too outrageously priced so I thought "Why not?" Honestly, I've never even bought a scarf before - it's one of those things I can't imagine paying more than $50 for, but I can see how they might become addictive, however, since there are so many different uses for them!! Do those Hermes ones ever go on sale?
  7. I'm usually not a scarf person either, but I find the Twillies to be so cute. Pucci scarves are beautiful, and seem like they would be a great way to satisfy the urge without going overboard spending on clothes. As for Hermes, I don't think they ever go on sale, but I could be wrong!
  8. I don't really like it. I tend to think my accessories don't need accessories :roflmfao:
  9. Don't think I'd do the scarf on purse myself...but those colors are beautiful.

  10. Yes, he does skull scarves. :yes: There have been quite a few variations (like skulls with anchors etc.) and he also does floral scarves, with or without skulls.

    I like scarves tied, casually, onto bags, in fact I think some, plainer, bags are screaming out to be dressed up!

    I think, to look good, it has to look as though you were wearing the scarf and got tired of it and tied it onto your bag. :smile:

    I think that Pucci scarf will look good with most neutral coloured bags, particularly in the summer. :tup:
  11. ITA. It's too much. Remember those awful $250 Prada Keychains to hang on purses?
  12. I personally like scarves on bags. Yeah, it sounds weird accessorizing your accessories, but it brings new color and flair to plainer bags I'm kind of getting bored with...and it does help with curbing the bag shopping! I've folded over some Hermes and other pochettes I have (Coach, Burberry) to tie thru the hardware of my bags.

    Also I can't tell if someone got tired of wearing a scarf and ties it to the bag vs. buying the scarf for the bag. How can you tell? I've noticed a lot of the girls on this forum can notice subtle details like that so I must be missing something...please share!

    Back to topic, I think the Pucci scarf would be cute on the RM bag IMHO.
  13. I think what really attracted me to that scarf is that it's the "traditional" Pucci colors & patterns. I know Pucci does lots of patterns and colors, but for some reason, those bright pastels are the ones I most relate to Pucci. There were other Pucci scarves, but that was the only one in those colors, and the blue on that scarf just really looks nice with the blue suede on my black Matinee bag.

    Also, after having recently seen pics of Jessica Simpson with her Matinee bag w/a scarf tied around the handle ( just got me thinking of trying something new. I don't usually copy Jessica's look (or any other celebrity actually!), but I've seen scarves tied to bag's handles a lot lately - in purse ads, on eBay, even on women I've seen walking down the street, so I thought I'd try it out. Even tho I think it looks better on the black Matinee (I think mainly becuz of the blue suede), I think it will be a nice addition to the MAB which is a little plain on the front (not that it's a bad thing - I LOVE the look of the MAB!!!) It'll give it a little UMPH! Not to mention, it'll spice up my other black bags, which I think after a while seem a little boring to me.

  14. If it looks too neatly tied-on. ;)

    It has to look casual, i.e. ends uneven length, loosely knotted, or tied in an uneven bow.

    Of course, it can take ages to get the perfectly effortless effect, but it shouldn't look as if it did! :lol:
  15. I have two small, square scarves that I occationally use for this purpose. Mostly on plain (black) bags though. But seriously, I think the real reason I do this is that I didnt really have any other use for the scarves, they are too small to be tied around my neck. So in order not to feel guilty about buying them (one of them at least was rather expensive...) I use them on my bags.

    I like the look on plain bags, but wouldnt necessarily say scarves look good on most bags.

    Love the colours on the scarf you got, btw! :smile: