Scarfs!!! Any Suggestions on How to Wear

  1. There are a few scarfs that I like by Coach. I've never worn any though, suggestions on how to wear them, so that I can get some?
  2. I wear them as headbands! They're super cute and very versatile... You can wear them with your hair down, or pulled back in a cute ponytail/bun, or you can wrap them around your ponytail/bun to hide the hair tie... I :heart: scarves!!! I've also seen people wear them as belts around their waste <~ of course, I'm not that fortunate to have such a small waste... lol... You can even tie them on your favorite bag to add a splash of color! YAY!!! You should TOTALLY invest in AT LEAST one!

    Have fun!

  3. I seriously don't I've ever had a waist small enough to wear one of those ponytail scarves around my waist!!! ???? Even when I considered myself, "cute and in condition", while dancing 7 days a week. Now, I'm lucky to fit the darn thing around my head. :p

    LOL... dear - I am just cracking myself up today. Anyhow, I like the ponytail scarves to wear as a headband as TX said, or to tie on my handbags... I will get you some pics today, as I just received the legacy ponytail scarf and I *MIGHT* be getting the perfume scarf when I'm at the Coach store returning some stuff. :smile:
  4. lol...I never thought about wearing one around my waist. I have a few that I plan on tying on my bags.
  5. I have always loved wearing scarfs in my hair. I've done it for years and years. I love wearing ponytails and a pretty scarf really dresses one up. Now that I've found Coach my plain old hair can look much cuter!!
  6. i wear pony tail scarves around my waist and on my head when my hair is down or up. there is also the option of just dressing your bag up with it!
  7. I tie scarfs around my neck! I love tying a pretty scarf around my neck to dress up my outfits. you can also dress up your handbags as well.
  8. i want some too and i was thinking about wearing them as headbands,or wrapped around my ponytail or you can wear it around your neck to look conservative.
  9. I just thought I would share some pics with you to give you an idea as to how to wear them


    i adore the coach scarves...cant live without them!
  10. Love that purple one!!!
  11. i only got two LV scarfs - but i'm really looking for a coach one a bandeau when i'll be in the states soon, i cannot find it here.

    so i often wear it as a belt or as a hairband - actually never as a scarf!!!!
  12. [​IMG]here is my contribution!!!
    [​IMG]please excuse my face hickey! my boyfriend adores my cheeks and decides to suck the life out of them! i did not notice the big bruise until i took the picture... oh well :biggrin:

    oh and the scarf is the pink lozenge scarf