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  1. Hello, my name is Meg from Tasmania. I have enjoyed reading many of the posts and loved looking at the pictures.
    I have started a scarf collection (1) and would like to add a Hermes. I think it would be best to start with a Pochette and hopefully move on to a full size soon. As there are no stores selling Hermes in our state I will have to rely on what I can find online. I am waiting for a "how to tie a Hermes scarf " book I bought on eBay. Would love to know what size scarf ring to get for the Pochette? Any suggestions on colours for me? middle aged, blond, green eyes, average height and build.........sort of nondescript!
    Thanks, Meg
  2. You really don't need a scarf ring for a pochette. You can just tie it around your neck or your handbag or stuff in a blazer pocket. Do a square knot which is: right over left and then left over right. Pochettes are kind of small. You definitely won't feel nondescript with a pochette tied anyplace about or on your person!

    Welcome to our group!
  3. Hi COSMO!!!! (S'mom waving madly) Welcome to the H subforum.....have you checked out the Hermes website, There you will find lovely scarves and scarf rings....I adore pochettes but when I wear them I usually don't use a scarf ring so I'm not sure which one would pochettes live most of the time on my handbags!!!
  4. For the pochette you should ONLY use the 'Tribord' scarf ring, all the other scarf rings will be too big. The Tribord is a smaller version of the 'chain d'ancre' scarf ring. You can also use the Tribord scarf ring for the Twillys.
  5. Thanks so much for replies, I know there's something out there for me.
    Take care.
  6. Hi Meg,

    IMO, 35.5"/90cm is the more versatile size and it does get chilly in Tasmania, ensuring lots of use! :nuts:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    ETA: the pocket sqs are 16.5"/42cm for US$100, IMO the scarves are a much better buy at US$320. There's a lot of design in the bigger one as well.
  7. Hi!!
    I love pocket squares and wear them almost everyday. I always wear a scarf ring with it. H sells a special scarf ring for the pochettes . They are bicolored, silver on one side and a different color on the other side (black, yellow, red). They cost $180 and are great. I personally do not like the tiboard rings with the pochettes , only with my twillys. I will try to take a pic later..
  8. Hi Meg, *fellow Aussie waving from Holland*
    Uh, I'm no use to you, just wanted to say "HI"
  9. Here are some pics:
    sr1.jpg sr2.jpg sr3.jpg sr4.jpg
  10. How long ago did you get this scarf ring Rose? Do you have an item number so I can track one down?

  11. Rose, I thought that this is the Tribord ring? It looks gorgeous on you!!!
  12. I got it a few months ago. I got it form H at KOP. I am going there this weekend , so I can try to get a item number for you then. However, if you give them a call and describe it to them they will know what you are looking for. Just ask them for the bicolor pocket square ring.
  13. Thanks! Are the tribord rings not the smaller ones for the twillys? Here is a pic:
  14. Thanks Rose, I thought yours and the Tribord were the same thing. The chaine d'ancre ring for the big scarves is bigger, no? So yours would be an MM size ;)
  15. Oh, Rose, what a beautiful scarf look....thank you, for posting these pics!