Scarf worn on the head- how best?Pics please

  1. I rather like the 90 x 90 worn as a headscarf. I know it's not particularly trendy, but I'd like to try a Jackie O or Queen of England look.
    Has anyone got any forum member pics, and some advice on wh:smile:ere to tie the knot...on the chin, under the chin, where?
  2. I just adore your blog Rose:tender:

    I´ve worn my scarf like this a couple of times, just folded into a triangle, then knotted at the back.
    Kuva 2327.jpg
  3. Neishy waves to Nola in Finland:smile:

    You are such a pretty young lady, and you look lovely in the Scarf
  4. Nola, You look so cute! My husband is Finnish. I always joke with him about the fact that none of the Finnish men we know have a neck.
    If you look at his picture in the horse thread you will know what I mean.
  5. Adorable!!:heart:
  6. Wow! I'm going to try this one... If I can get it right.:thinking:
  7. It takes some practice but in the end it's a nice look, especially if you want a scarf as a "hat."
  8. Nola how do you manage to keep the scarf from sliding? I have hair just like you and I just can´t make it work. :confused1:
  9. Eulalia you might try Hollywood tape!

    I don't need it with a carre but I sometimes use it on a twilly.
  10. I used to have the problem with sliding, but with H scarves, there is no issue:tup: You could try some hairpins to secure it with though!
  11. How freaking genious! I want to try that:yahoo:
  12. Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud at this:roflmfao: My fiance has a neck, that´s good enough for me:p

    Thanks Ardneish, laboheme and duchess:love:
  13. Gorgeous Nola!

    Dorreenjoy, love The Hood!

    I have slippage issues too, unless I wear the scarf much more across my forehead (but then I feel like a pirate or washerwoman). Where is a good spot to use hairpins or Hollywoodtape?