Scarf vs. Shawl Preferences...Help...

  1. Do you have a preference in terms of scarves vs. shawls? :shrugs: I recently purchased the Astrologie Shawl and Tweedee Shawl/Scarf...I think I made the wrong choices... :confused1: They are both gorgeous...I love them...but...

    I have come to the conclusion that I would not wear either as a shawl...I would wear them as scarves...but when I wear them as scarves, I feel "over wrapped" if that makes sense... You ever want to :noggin: yourself???

    What is your preference...scarves vs. shawls? Or is your preference purpose-specific? I think my other issue is use...I think if I had scarves rather than shawls the size would feel more Southern California appropriate...and I would still be able to use them on my travels...ugh!
  2. Great qn, SoCal! I have been pondering this myself! I love some of the shawls at H but I'm not a shawl-wearing gal. The 140cmx140cm shawls are just too big and the "wrap" factor would just be too bulky if I tried to make it into a scarf.
  3. I purchased a chocolate Cashmere "stole" with self fringe a few months ago and took this baby with me to Italy just recently. I have to tell you that it was fantastic! I used it as a blanket on the plane and a shawl in the evenings in place of a jacket or sweater and it kept me very warm and toasty! My preference is purpose-specific I think. I have pashmina's that I use on cold casual days, I have Hermes silk scarves when I want a bit of style and chic and the stole which I've described above. I think you can get away with shawls in SoCal for the evenings, no? It does dip down in temp up here in the Bay Area but probably not so much where you are.....
  4. SoCal

    Is it the length or the width of the shawl that bothers you when you use it as a scarf?

    I like both scarfs and shawls depending on how cold the weather gets. I hardly use the shawl as a shawl - too fiddly for me. I use it as a giant scarf instead around my neck when the weather gets to freezing or below.

    If you find them too "overwrapped" (do you mean you wind them round and round forever?), fold it in half lengthwise and then slip the edge end through the loop end. It makes for a wonderfully warm, enveloping layer around your neck to keep out the chill.

    The tweedee makes a great travel blanket on the plane. I have a thing about airplane blankets and never have them anywhere near my face, so I make it a point to have a big pashmina with me on board.

    HTH or have I completely missed the point?? Not firing on all cylinders this morning. No caffeine yet.
  5. Hey, those are great suggestions! Thanks, WN and Shopmom!

    WN, I'm with you about plane blankets. I find them kinda gross for some reason and am very averse to having it near my face or even on the skin of my arms directly. I usually put on a long sleeve jacket or something first so I don't have to be "exposed" to the blankie.:s
  6. Thanks, all. By "overwrapped" I mean I feel like there is about double than what I am comfortable with going on around my neck (regardless of folding method)... I do love scarves in the winter...but more of the muffler size I think... I love the plane blanket idea...and I do have one Lora Piana shawl in black as well as a black cashmere blanket that I use on planes...

    I am more of a scarf wearing than a shawl wearing gal, so on cool SoCal evenings I am likely to use a jacket or the light black LP shawl...

    I so wanted to try the shawl and fell in absolute love with the tweedee postings and am now thinking I temporarily forgot who I am and where I live...I want to "shrink" both the shawl and the tweedee... :sad:
  7. I've been there too, SoCal. Got swept along with the tide and forgot myself for a moment. Don't feel're not alone. Do you feel comfy trying to resell them? Is it too late for an exchange at the store?
  8. me too, i never use plane blankets. i carry my own.......
  9. Thanks, SM. Just a bit frustrated with myself... Now fixated on a "shrunken tweedee"...
  10. send it to me socal -- my husband can shrink ANYTHING. but hey, at least he does the laundry.
  11. ^ LOL! (I also searched shrunken heads online...pretty nasty pictures there...)
  12. I don't use the plane blankets, either, but the Qantas ones are dry-cleaned between flights, then sealed before being stocked on board - so they should be cootie-free. At least this is how it was done when I was there! I carry a pashmina, but would LOVE one of the bed-size fine cashmere throws Hermes does.........yum.
  13. I hear ya Socal! I prefer my shawls to be like plain colored pashminas, or like the Hermes Rocabar wool variety and my scarves to be the standard silk square version.

    I HEART the Tweedee
  14. I love the tweedee too! What is the retail on it?
  15. All, Thanks so much for feedback! L, the tweedee retail is $530 + tax USD.