Scarf tying

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  1. I keep coming across these wonderful pictures of you guys wearing your scarves as tops. Is there a thread dedicated only to the different ways to wear your scarf as a top. I have tried to imitate the pictures, but I look crazy when I am done. Also, are you ladies wearing bras and if so how are you tying them so that you don't see it in the back. Thanks!
  2. Don't forget to go to and too -- both have how-to sections.
  3. When I was in Hermes recently, they had a handy little deck of cards that showed you how to wear the scarf in different ways as a top. You may be able to pick that up too.
  4. ^^^ Thanks Tweetie for that info, I have not seen those.
  5. I have seen people mentioning about Carre or Playtime with Your I was wondering how do you obtain this? :confused1::smile:
  6. Thanks!!! :tup::okay: