Scarf tying event....Have you been?

  1. And....(this is dumb--->) you wear a scarf, or go as a blank slate????:confused1:

    Would love to hear about your experiences. I know some are glam evening events...this one is 2-4 in the afternoon. I am trying to decide whether to go. Its a bit of a trip to do so.

    Will you share your scarf event tales?:yes:
  2. I wore a scarf and ended up taking it off to try on others, so I would advise you to go as a blank slate :yes: The one I went to was not a glam event -- very casual and there were probably only 15-20 people there. I had fun, but if it's a serious haul to get there, you shouldn't feel like you're missing out if you don't make it. HTH :flowers:
  3. Never been, but I would love to go to one just to experience it once. I think it would just be fun. And I would go as a clean slate.
  4. Hey CB!! I was just at the AM store today and saw the info. about the scarf tying event. I am thinking about going myself. Will you be going too?
  5. thinking of it, it would be great to meet up!!
  6. It's a very casual event and very informative. There are about a million and one ways that you can enjoy your scarves.
    Are you talking about the Ala Moana one?
    Don't worry if you miss on this one, they usually do this event a few times a year.
  7. ^^ yes BSL, Ala Moana..... I keep missing them, this is the first one I have been able to go to....
  8. I have and it was so much fun! :yahoo: Everyone wore a scarf but ended up trying on a bunch of scarves. It was hard to get to the scarf counter in the end to buy anything as everyone was crowded around. But it was great!:tup:
  9. Oh MAN......I'd love to go to a scarf tying event. I never know when they're having them though!
  10. Sounds like great fun! I would go as a blank slate -- it'll give an excuse to buy a new scarf or two (if you really need an excuse)!!
  11. Oh what fun! Go and tell us all about it!
  12. ^sus, thank you for reminding me of the best reason of all to go!!!:tup::tup:

    Not to worry, I already have a couple of purchases to pick up :graucho:, so I definitely wont come home empty handed............oh heaven help me:angel:
  13. A scarf tying event sounds like a blast! I've never been to one! Where do they have these awesome, fun events?! Man, I always miss the good stuff :p

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to attend said event and then tell us all about it! :tup:
  14. That sounds like a fun time! I'd love to go to one of those
    events. :smile:
  15. My bff and I were invited to one that is in a couple weeks. It's a scarf tying event/holiday party. We have to drive about an hour and a half to get there but we're going! :yes: