Scarf Trouble! loooong post *opinions wanted*

  1. Well in the past couple of weeks ive noticed alot of threads popping up on scarves, so i figured "Yes its time i bought one"

    So i have a BH and a speedy 35 (and a Hudson on the way). I allready have about a million vintage scarves but i want something that will compliment my designer bag and all that it stands for :smile:

    I really like the Etoiole Bandeau's and the LVoe ones but i just dont know which one or even which colour!!!! I adore the pink but just dont think i wear enough pink to go with it.

    Im normally seen in a pair of black skinny fit jeans and brown wedge heels (damn i love those shoes) with a jumper of some description in black maybe green hehe whatever takes me fancy!! Im very artsy :drool: and like to make a statement! Is the LVoe band bold enough???

    Opinions much appreciated!

    (with the pic just imagine a BH slung over my shoulder:yes: )
  2. i recently bought the LVoe scarf and i love it. from the pic and your description im guessing my style is a little smarter than yours but i am a student so im not that smart and the scarf looks great tied to my speedy or worn with a plain black top.
    i love it because i think it looks kinda fabulously tacky in a dallas or dynasty kind of way KWIM?
  3. hmmm.... I like both... but since you wear black most of the time and want a more "artsy" stand-out piece, i'd suggest the LVoe scarf/bandeau. you can't go wrong with black and white lol!!!
  4. too right girls! i do LVoe the LVoe scarf (hehe) and im the same about the dallas thingy! tacky fantastic if you ask me :smile:

    Yeah i'm a student also, so i need to be smart sometimes and other times i just cant be botherd!

    Its a done deal, thank you! xx