Scarf tote year Question

  1. So I just called NM to see if they had any scarf totes available, since the ones on seem to be expected to ship late.. and the SA asked me if I wanted the 2006 or 2007 tote.. hmm, I dunno. when I asked her what the difference was, she had no idea.. I told her Id call back..

    Does anyone have an answer.. lol, im surprised the SA doesnt have a clue..

    TIA :heart:
  2. ^ is it the scarf that is different? i think couple years ago it was a white scarf with gold/yellow horsebit pattern while 2007 one used the red scarf? i dunno... someone please confirm or correct..
  3. I'm pretty sure you're right. But I haven't seen the one w/gold and yellow horsebit pattern around for awhile. I have a small Positano (the name of the bag) and my scarf is a beign/cream and yellow.

    Kiss me deadly: You should ask the SA if she can take some pictures of what she has in her store. If she can't, then ask her to give you descriptions (colors, patterns, size). I really like the black one w/the red scarf. Whatever you get, let us know...and GOOD LUCK!

  4. ^^ thanks for all of the input everyone, Ill call her or just go in there and see personally!!! :biggrin: