scarf tags?

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  1. i thought i had a bead on what to look for in scarf tags, but now i'm confused again -- i was organizing the collection and noticed one of my scarves, from as reputable a reseller as there is, has a tag that looks like the one below. anybody know the scoop? :confused1:

  2. DQ, I'm not familiar with this seller, but if you say he's reputable I believe it. Anyway, that's a really old tag, from the 1970's and before, I believe. You don't see too many of them today because they were sewn on only with two threads and most of the time they fell off.
  3. thanks HG -- this pic is from a current auction by a seller i don't know, but i have the identical scarf (different color) from one of the regular scarf sellers and it has exactly the same tag. i used the listing pic 'cause i'm too lazy to break out the camera and take a shot of my own scarf. :shame:

    i bought mine based on the seller's rep before i knew anything about tags, so i never noticed the tag before i took it out today to compare it to the ebay listing i was questioning.

    guess it must just be an old scarf?:confused1: i love the horsey pattern -- my favorite i think . . . off to bid!
  4. All sorts of odd looking tags have been used in the past, eg more than 15 yrs ago. They were
    - Dept store tags instead of Hermes tags, eg Bonwit's or Lord & Taylor
    - A few funky looking tags in French, as yours, some folded in 1/2 (like yours) and attached at one point, some sewn along the length
    - the old double width tags
    - An occaisional Spanish tag here & there
  5. ^^^^^Oh yeah! Those Spanish tags! I've only seen them on the plisses MT, have you seen one on a carre?
  6. DQ - your tag is good, I have a couple of scarves with that tag that are authentic.

    Gazoo - I would stay away from that scarf. There are fake Pavements around and the hems on this one look just awful. "Not lose" - no ****! The pink looks *very* pink to me.
    Also, normally Pavements would go at this price easily as they are collector's items to some extend. This one has been relisted at least twice. Stay away.
  7. Yes, I saw them on a flat Cosmos.

    Re Grand Fonds - the Spring 2007 has a fish scarf in it, that's all I know. So, you may wish to wait to get a glimpse before buying a GF.

    Also, be aware those fish are ginormous ! Each takes up about 12 in square ! I call Grand Fonds II (with only 1 of the 4) the flounder scarf because the fishies is so big. LOL

    I agree on the pink Pavements - I'm convinced that the ones with a lot of gold (mustard) are Chinese fakes since yellow/brown/gold is more popular over there. Some fakes are EXACT copies but others have been "adjusted" esp. for Asian tastes, eg more gold/brown/yellow/red.

  8. Could you post a pic of the Spanish tag? I have never seen one. Many thanks!

    JFYI, there are 'copy machines' available that copy an Hermes (and of course other) scarf 1:1. All the details, artist's signature, everything. Even the colourways (although the discerning observer might discover colour variations different from the original but that is only useful if you know what the original really looks like).

    I would also urge you to always ask for an actual picture of the tag (sometimes sellers just tell you what's written on it) as there are fake tags around that look almost real. But only almost.
  9. :sad:
    Very sad!

    I love the pavement scarf and am actually trying to locate one in pastels or blues. Oh well better wait for authentic than have a nasty fake!
  10. This thread got me really curious so I looked at tags in my private scarf collection purchased for well over 30 years at Hermes stores in the U.S. and Europe (a couple last year on ebay for the first time), and have never seen an Hermes scarf with a tag that's not sewn directly on the corner edge. Correct me, please, if I'm wrong but I cannot imagine Hermes sewing a tag on the body of the scarf, thereby putting needle marks (beyond the hem) on their fine I see pictured in this ebay auction. Before bidding, I would certainly call Hermes to verify if they ever did this ..... in fact, I would call them regarding just a tag that says 100% silk or soie...I remain suspicious of that one, too.