Scarf tag color?

  1. I was looking at some of my H scarves, pouchette, twilly & whatever the large size is called. Some have a black tag and some have a white tag? What determines the color?
  2. I don't know...I've often wondered the same thing! :shrugs:
  3. My personal opinion...they choose the color that will best suit the general color scheme of the scarf white care tag for a pale colored scarf and the black tag for a dark colored scarf....maybe I'm wrong but my darker scarves all have the black tag and the light colored ones like whites, light greens etc have white tags. Anyone else have other views?
  4. That certainly is a good answer, MP.
    Anyone have any other thoughts???? :confused1:
  5. As far as I've noticed black tags for dark borders and white tags for light borders.
  6. I've thought about this too and came to the same conclusion as misspiggy and HG :yes:
  7. Yeah all my scarves have tags that "go with" the base color, if that makes sense.
  8. I was at SCP today to at the Hermes scarf making event. I asked about the color of the tags. The speaker did not have an answer but said that in Paris the scarves have a letter and a number on the tag and by that they can distinguish the maker (not sure if that meant the person that hemmed the scarf or what). So I am thinking miss piggy's answer is probably more accurate and to the point.

    By the way it was incredible to watch the process.
  9. Thanks everyone.
    I love the scarves.
    I love Hermes.
  10. Yep - dark for dark, light for light. What my SA said, in any case!

    Want to know an interesting scarf anecdote? Hermes were intrigued to find that some of the scarves were getting a very fine white mark in the corners of the new scarves that had just returned from the ladies who sew the hems. After much research, they discovered the fine white marks in the corners of the scarves was SALT from the saliva of the ladies who roll the hems. To ensure the roll is tight and uniform, the 'roulotessess" (sp?) lick and spit on their fingers and roll the silk tight between their fingers before stitching. When their saliva dried, salt formed in the corners of some of the darker coloured scarves.

    Have a look at your newer (unlaundered) scarves and see if you have traces of salt!
  11. ^^^^^^*running away from computer to wash scarves*
  12. BTW, my Josephine Baker scarf is black and white. The scarf is predominantly white with a black contrasting hem. The tag is black, that's why I say they pick the tag to match the border.
  13. LOL - you get used to a bit of spit when you're a Mum I think, because the story didn't really bother me as much as I thought it would.............:P