scarf style..

  1. I saw this pic in a diff thread and I fell in love with the way these scarves are styled(is there a specific name to the way the scarf is styled?).Definatly more for a girl though.Can someone please tell me how to do it?And also does anyone have any more pics of people with this?Also,what would one wear with this style?
  2. I often wear my Louis Vuitton Shawls that way. Just fold your scarf into a triangular shape and put it around your neck from the front(the pointy bit is in the front and the rest just goes around your neck).
  3. I think you'd need a big square scarf that is made out of a light material. Because it's so unstructured I'd suggest you wear it with fitted clothing.
  4. Not exactly the same way, but this looks good...