Scarf/stole advice

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I'm looking to get an Hermes scarf or stole. but I'm not sure what to get. I'm looking for something timeless and classic. I don't really wear coloured scarves i usually go for neutral colours. I came across this stole and love it. The style looks very classic. I was going to go for a grey or cream. But i wonder if i am making a mistake and should get a colourful 140 x140 scarf. or perhaps you think i should go for another colour.

    Thanks in advance
  2. That's a very bright colour for someone who'd normally rather go for a neutral colour! Also, imho Hermes has better designs .. How about any of these designs?

    H241569S-08-1.jpg H241569S-08-2.jpg H242373S-33.jpg H242373S-33-1.jpg H243012S-06.jpg H243012S-06-1.jpg H243054S-06.jpg H243054S-06-1.jpg H431356S-08.jpg H431356S-08-1.jpg
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  3. Oops the colours i was trying to paste are below. These look very 'boring' compared to the ones you suggested. Maybe i should branch out. I like the one with the tigers - so pretty draped on.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] =
  4. I suggest you visit a store and try on some scarves! They always look very different when tried on
  5. What are the colors in your wardrobe? If you wear mostly neutrasl a pattern could be lovely
    &a bit unexpected...

    I'd pop into your H store & start playing around. Some of the new fall patterns are in & you
    may find something that catches your eye. The SA's will help you sort things out too, let us
    know what you decide & have fun choosing!!
  6. How are you planning to wear the scarf? I find the ex libris stole too voluminous to wear as a scarf and it is also quite long as a stole IMO. I much prefer the 140 x 140 shawls.
  7. I agree with the others that it is best to go to an Hermes store to try on different shawls and scarves. It is so much fun to see and try them on in person. If you don't live near a store but plan on traveling to a city that has one, it would make a nice souvenir.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Hermes scarves and shawls! (I find that even if you decide on a bright color, it will always match a white blouse and jeans.)
  8. Get 1 of each[emoji12][emoji12] that'll solve yr problem[emoji2][emoji2] Have fun playing with scarves. Based on TPF it's quite addictive. So be careful LOL
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  9. Thanks ladies. Most of my wardrobe is white blouses and blue jeans or black trousers... Very bland. Maybe a bit of colour would do my wardrobe good. Hehe. I've never been into the silk scarves only big 'winter' scarves. Maybe it's time to branch out. I will be popping to the store tomorrow... Just hope I don't get distracted by the bags!
  10. Have a wonderful time playing with the H goodies! Please let us know what you decided! Sometimes, we do our "research" here, planning on buying a certain scarf, but when we go to Hermes and try on several, we end up buying something that we never thought we'd like! It really is a fun experience. The SAs have great suggestions, too. At times, I go and let them decide for me! Since you have a classic way of dressing, you will have a million choices! Can't wait to see what you choose.
  11. Your wardrobe colors are not the most important : it's how the scarf will match with your face skin color.
    There are many scarves I loved, bud didn't buy because when I tried them, I looked ill (especially with yellow and light colors).
    You really should go to the store, I'm sure you'll have good surprises.
  12. And nothing forbids you to have a look at bags :smile: Who knows ?
  13. This is so true! Excellent advice about seeing which colors look best near the face.
  14. I agree with the suggestion to go to a store and try them on. You'd be surprised at what works and what doesn't when tied. There have been some scarves I thought I would love that I disliked on me, and others I wasn't too attracted to in pictures needed to come home with me and are some of my favorites.
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  15. So true !
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