Scarf "Situation"

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  1. Hey Girls,
    I am just a paycheck away from buying my first Louis:yahoo:, which I am pretty sure will be the Mono Speedy 25. What I would like to know from those of you that have an interest in tying a scarf to your bags is: 1) Would it be a bad thing to tie a non-LV scarf to an LV bag?:smile: If I have a beautiful scarf that would do it justice, will that work? and 2) What kinds of scarves would you say look best on a speedy?:heart:
  2. congrats!!! I firmly believe a non-LV scarf works just as well on your Speedy as an LV scarf. I know many who tie Hermes twilly's on theirs or nameless scarves.
  3. Tiffany's also has a very cute scarf, I just got the blue one and Speedy is itching to wear it!
  4. i use my tiffanys on my noe and i think it looks cuter than my LV hehe :smile:
  5. i think its great to put another beautiful scarf on your LV, anything to make it look even better :p
  6. I agree with the others! A beautiful, colourful scarf you'd love to show off is perfect on an LV. Something with bright colours would look great on the mono, like pinks, blues, green, gold, whatever.
  7. Any scarf that makes your LV look even more beautiful would be great, doensn't matter what brand it is - so long as the colours look nice.
    Congrats on your impending LV purcvhase too, that excitement is a wonderful feeling!:yahoo:
  8. Anything you like is fine! It'd be entirely ridiculous to say that only LV scarves can be tied to LV bags.
  9. personally, i prefer LV scarfs...i totally recommend tying mc (either black or white) to ur adds a bit more color and fun to the bag :smile:
  10. I think you should do what ever you like. Congrats on being so close to your first speedy. I saved for my first LV bag and bought it in Dec. of last year. Now I can't stop. Beware they are wonderful bags and very addicting.
  11. I agree with others. It doesnt matter what brand your scarf is as long as it's a great looking one.

    The Tiffany's one is gorgeous and is a great price.
  12. Me too! I have the blue Tiffany's scarf and I'm now saving up for something in black epi to tie it on. I can't wait! I think either LV or non-LV for the scarves is fine as long as it is a good quality one.
  13. I agree that it can be any brand or designer scarf, as long as the colors compliment the Speedy that is all that matters. The type of scarf that I think works best is a bandeau or twilly type as the are fairly thin (but big enough to make a cute & full bow) and not too long (so they don't drag).
  14. i prefer non LV on an LV