Scarf Rings

  1. Do you use them? Which style do you prefer? Show us pics of your scarf rings in action! :okay:
  2. I have the Cosmos scarf ring in two sizes... the regular one for silk scarves and "Jumbo" for cashmere/silk. I also have a horn scarf ring. I enjoy both styles very much!

    Regular-sized Cosmos:
  3. Beautiful pic! I love how you use colors!
  4. I need to get that Cosmos! Here's my horn Chain d'Ancre scarf ring. I LOVE this ring because it's lightweight and so pretty (it's iridescent!), and it goes with everything. You wouldn't think so, but it really does!

  5. Pretty! Do you use the Chain d'Ancre when you wear the scarf around your neck, or only as a belt?
  6. I use it when I wear it around my neck. I'll have to take some pics for you! You can use the Chain d'ancre for so many styles, it's really versatile! And the horn is lightweight-- the palladium and permabrass can slide off, they are pretty heavy.
  7. Is this bull horn? I almost bought it. But changed my mind as it didn't go with my one and only 90cm scarf. :sad:
  8. I thought it wouldn't go with my scarves, either! One is blue and the other is red and orange. But it does! Surprisingly well!
  9. Do you know if the horn or wood scarf rings are still widely available? They're no longer available online and I really want one:crybaby:
  10. razorbackbelle0, do you have action shots? I'd love to see how it looks.

    pooky83, they have bull horn & wood at the Madison store over the weekend when i visited. The same style is available in a variety of colors (the turquoise is amazing) and "metals".
  11. Thanks plum blossom. Will try to get my cousin or friends to pick one up for me.
  12. I have the wood (mine is nearly black) and horn (brown version), love them both, so light and versatile. Her are some examples:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Here is a pic of my pall ring, a bit heavier so I don't wear it as often.
  13. The horn & wood are nice and light, if that's your preference. If I'm wearing a scarf "long", I prefer the heavier buckles -- they keep my scarf from flying around in the wind like I'm in a perfume commercial.
  14. Rose, you have beautiful scarves. :drool: The one with the Jackson Pollock effect (forgot the name) has such amazing details. I :heart::heart::heart: it.
  15. Rose, those action pictures are fabulous!!! I've got to get one of these! You've inspired me!