Scarf rings : Chaine d'ancre VS regate

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  1. Hi ladies !

    I'm really hesitating between Hermès chaine d'ancre (palladium) or Hermès Regate (gold plated). I intend to use them as bracelet, charm, pendant and scarf ring.

    Which one do you think I should get? And why?

    Thanks ! :biggrin:
  2. For multi-functional uses above as bracelet, pendant, etc, Chain d'Ancre will be a better option. You can use it to tie and secure twilly around your wrist and become a statement on its own.

    You can still use Regate as bracelet, maybe use it as bracelet charm. Tie a cord/string bracelet around Regate and let it dangle.
    Have fun discovering different ways on using these scarf rings. It can be a lot of fun.
  3. I love the Chain d'ancre. Actually I am wearing the gold version today!!! It is very versatile and one of the most useful scarf rings.
  4. I reccomend regate, I find it more usefull. Chain d'ancre is too heavy, some times even for 90 cm scarves. But these two rings are different, the better way is to buy both of them (with time).
  5. So, chaine d'ancre would fall when I try to put it on my 90 x 90 scarf? :thinking::shucks:
  6. I was wondering if anyone has seen the Chaine d'Ancre around lately? Or its code for a search? I've been looking off and on for a while and no one ever seems to have it in stock (of course!). I'd love it in gold (permabrass?)! Thanks!
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    I'd recommend the Chain d'Ancre (especially with the horn version or colored version). It's better than the Regate for the following reasons:
    - Functionality speaking, you can tie a lot of different knots with Chain D'Ancre.
    - Durability: I've seen quite a few plated rings that after several years the plate peel/ scratch off, on the inner ring and at the outside (decoration) edges. I'd not want to wear my fragile mousseline or silk with scratched ring since it may cause pulls/run/piling.
    Hope that helps. It's up to you to decide.
  8. yeas, a year ago I was walking on the street and did not notice in time that the ring falls from 90 x 90 scarf. Ring fell down on the asphalt and was badly scratched (it was chaine d'ancre in gold). Despite the weight, the metal is soft enough. I have chaine d'ancre in gold and silver. And because of it's weight I can't use them with some kinds of knots. Another problem with this rings is that you must always correct scarf knot, because it falls from shoulders on the chest (under the weight of the ring).
    But despite this all - chaine d'ancre is an iconic H scarf ring and you shoul get one :smile:
    I have seen chaine d'ancre rings a week ago in H store in Moscow.
  9. hi.. I got one scarf ring from Hermes but really dont know how to wear it, would you please somebody help me ? thanks in advance.
  10. Yes, Chain d'ancre is quite heavy. That's why I hunted down a horn version. I think eventually you will get both. They are quite different.
  11. I only have (both cws of) the Mors and and 2 Romance scarf rings but I would like a one of the newer Cd'As.

    The only Chaine d'Ancres I have seen available in store lately are coloured (don't know what they are made of) and seem smaller and lighter than the ones I have held (perma brass and horn) I have to say the weight of those older put me off buying for the sake of my silks and being prone to migraine headaches wearing heavy stuff round my neck (which is one of the reasons why scarves work better for me rather than necklaces) .

    The Cd'A is an iconic piece whatever version, of the 2 you mention I would not hesitate.
  12. I was told that they "redo" the Chain D'Ancre scarf rings and they will be available again next summer if they are out of stock in your store.
    For the horn ones there is a lovely website as Hermes does not have them at the moment too.
    I did Not like the Gold/permabrass/Silver Hermes Chain D'Ancres As they are so Heavy....
    I Hope this helps!
  13. I have the palladium CdA scarf ring and I really like it. It works beautifully with my 90s in a couple of knots and it is great with the silk/cashmere shawls. It is heavier than the horn versions, so there are a number of knots that won't hold, though. I never thought of using it as a pendant, which is a really cool idea.