Scarf Ring Questions and new goodies!

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  1. okay first....

    do you ladies like scarf rings? I think they might be great but I saw the prices and they were like $175 plus tax. are they worth it? do you love them?


    I bought 3 new scarves and a WATCH!

    I got a cape cod watch...with veau barenia band! I love it!

    and the New Orleans well as the passage de Tokyo in burnt orange....and the same but the France baby well as the Jungle the yellow. which was fantastic.

    I am on a scarf ban except getting the Passage de New York for well as the dance one that is coming out....

    now I just need to decide what color Massai I well as a future bolide!
  2. Congrats on your new purchases! Which scarves did you get?

    I am a scarf ring girl... LOVE them!
  3. thanks Rose. I want one. maybe I can get a deal on ebay or just suck it up and get one soon.

    this is what I got...

    and the New Orleans well as the passage de Tokyo in burnt orange....and the same but the France baby well as the Jungle the yellow. which was fantastic.

    Rose. I just love scarves!
  4. Gucci We need pics, girl!!!! Pics!!!! Can't wait to see your haul.......and yes you need a scarf ring. They're great when you just want to toss on your scarf and fuss!!!!
  5. okay I will suck it up.

    after I get back from visiting my parents this weekend...I will snap pics of my new quickly expanded scarf family. its rather big I might add.

    I got bitten by the scarf but I just figured I might as well just buy ton within a week. so fun!
  6. oh and any experience with the hermes watches? I just love veau barenia...and she had the cape cod.....that did the double wrap. I could not resist.
  7. ^^ yes we need pics!!

    Based on your purchases, I would suggest starting with the horn scarf ring, very light and easy to use.
  8. Congratulations on your wonderful new pieces. Can't wait to see pics...
    Until you get a proper 'H' scarf ring you can always use a regular ring to secure the scarf --- I do it from time to time and it does the trick, just doesn't look quite as nice.
  9. GG: The scarf rings are great for easy ties and chic looks. They are especially good if you don't want to overly wrinkle your scarves with knots. The most expensive one I bought was the figure 8 (looks like two bands interwoven) for $165. That is the one I use most. I bought a regular scarf ring in metal but it was too heavy to stay put. The new wood and buffalo horn scarf rings are around $105, light as a feather and stunning in person. You may want to start with one of those. I find that the figure 8 one and the wood one, are the two I use most. The others are just kicking back in my closet.

    Barenia watch straps are heavenly - well anything Barenia is heavenly. I especially like bracelets and watch straps because I swear one gets random whiffs of Barenia throughout the day which always makes my day. Congrats!!!

    How about a funky color for your Massai? You have such amazing pieces already...... perhaps a Rouge Garrance Massai in Clemence or in a Bolide would do the trick?
  10. I like the horn. they were sold out at my store so she would have to find one.

    I love the ring ring ones too.....but I figured I can get one of those when I am having one of those weeks...and just pop in and grab one!
  11. gaz! I am glad you brought this up.

    for the Massai...I narrowed down to a black or brown...or go for a orange!

    I have a brighton blue, raisin and soon to rouge garance birkin.....

    so I am thinking a bolide would be GREAT in black or white.

    and there is a massai on ebay now I am thinking of getting in the dark brown.

    okay I want a horn scarf ring now dang it!

  12. I have a Cape Cod in the men's version with the double wrap strap. I love this watch, because you can buy multiple straps and change them up every now and then. I do have the Barenia, which is my favorite, but it is fun to have a colored strap on your watch from time to time. I think you will really enjoy this piece. Congratulations, :tup:!!!
  13. thanks! my husband is a big watch buff and he didn't like that I bought it from Hermes...he prefers like all those other, etc

    but in my experience with get taken care of. in 3 years if there is a problem they help you.

    and I love I can take my straps off and change them!
  14. Here is a pic of a horn ring in action:

  15. Well a Massai in Havanne would be HEAVENLY! DO IT!!!!!!

    Also, if you can get your SA to bring in multiple Horn or Wood rings so you can choose that would be best. My SA did this (I picked Wood over Horn given the option) and even in the wood ones there is vast differences between them. They are hand carved and each one has a different grain. LOVELY! Almost pearl-like in gleam. It is difficult to explain. I wanted a dark one, so the wood one was the prettiest between wood and horn and then the specific wood one I chose has a beautiful grain, rhythm to it. So try to have a choice, versus just being sent one - okay?

    Hermes does stand behind their watches and whatever problem you have they will either fix it or do what they need to to make you happy. My husband is also of the mind that one should only buy "serious" (Patek or Jaeger) watches. But it is fun to just be spontaneous at Hermes!!! Congrats again!