Scarf/ribbon for hair tie

  1. While I love Hermes, it just has not been in my budget yet in life. But I am saving and I am determined to get a Birkin. Until then, I would love some Hermes accessories. Vlad and I are planning a trip to the Hermes store next week and I want to buy some scarf/ribbons to use as hair ties. I recently got my hair cut short so I love the look of a scarf/ribbon as a headband. What would work best (any pics greatly appretiated) and any tips, info, or other suggestions would be greatly appretiated!!!! Thanks you all... I look forward to my first measly but not last Hermes purchase!!! :love: :biggrin:
  2. OK, prepared! You will never be the same again! I swear the addiction takes hold of you from the moment you walk into the store! My personal scarf preference right now (and I have a few of the silk twill scarves which I love) is the Plisse. This is the silk pleated scarf that is such a no-brainer to wear that I practically live in it. You'll really like it if you want to wear it in your hair. The other scarves I wear either as a belt with jeans or thrown willy-nilly (I'm pretty scarf-illiterate when it comes to folding them like they show you in those "How to tie your Hermes Scarf so you always look like a Model" booklets) around my neck and shoulders under my jackets or coat.

    Have a great time when you're at H! Make sure you bring a fat checkbook 'cause when you're NOT ready for it is when you'll find your dream bag!!!!!
  3. hi megs. you'll have tons of fun. i just got my hair lopped off yesterday as well and it's quite short (think "Audrey Tautou" @ Cannes for the da vinci code). so these days, i either use their silks as WIDE headbands or as a wrap (think "gypsy"). but the pleated ones that shopmom mentioned are quite chic. and yes, the silks can also be used as belts or haltertops, etc. there are so many ways to use the scarves... the possibilities are endless. have fun!:flowers:
  4. Uh-oh, she's goin' to Hermes! Be prepared to be dazzled!! :smile:
    A Pochette pocket square can also be used as a tight, slimmer headband if tied diagonally. These are quite reasonable!

    Also check out the Twilly!
    Have fun and let us know about the goods!!
  5. Hello Megs, have fun at Hermes! Pick a nice SA and have her show you how you can work wonders with their silks. Most of the time they are more than willing to demonstrate how to wear them! While you're at it, try to pick up the small orange Hermes Scarf Book. It has easy-to-follow diagrams.
  6. If you're looking for a simple headband, I think a Twilly is perfect. I use mine as that sometimes rather than around my neck. I think the larger scarf is a bit too puffy as a headband, but I love it tied around my ponytail!
  7. I am not really scarf savy but when I got my first Hermes scarf I received a scarf book that shows you how to use the scarf lots of ways. There are instructions with pics. You should ask for the book when you purchase your scarf. Happy hunting!
  8. I use twilly as a headband. I have use once for a ribbon, but it droped and get lost somewhere between Columbus and Atlanta airports so I have not since use it as a ribbon anymore..
  9. Like everyone says, be prepared for the addictive qualities of Hermes. :lol: I have 5 pocket squares which I use as headbands or around a ponytail. I will try to take some pictures later today of the pocket square as a headband for you. The twilly, plisse or even regular scarf would be wonderful as well. I just collect the pocket squares as they are more budget friendly ($100) but they are oh so addictive! :biggrin:
  10. A couple of pictures... :biggrin:
    A045F07E-FD84-503E-BDD4A3A061BA4F2C.jpg A04712CD-914B-8376-47E56F2A24F8BEEF.jpg
  11. wow, thanks so much for the info and the pictures - now you're getting me interested. :P
    i couldn't enlarge your pics though - need to familiarize myself with the pocket squares i think.:graucho:
  12. I know this is a bit late, but I have a twilly and all I do with it is use it as a hairband. I LOVE it and it looks amazing in my hair!
  13. did you see that the hermes website recommends that you tie it around your ankle? that's a bit of a stretch, imo. but it can look very chic around the wrist. and i like it as a headband too.
  14. Thanks everyone!!!!! I am taking it all in... and really really excited to go spend. I just got paid so I have been saving and making my family buy me meals so I can go scarf crazy!!! I'm going to print this out and sound like a pro there!!! Any more pics :yes: :love:
  15. I would love to see photos of how you wear them in your hair. I've been using scarves lately as headbands and I have a problem with them slipping.