Scarf repair

  1. I recently inherited a collection of scarves, including a vintage Hermes, as well as Lacroix, YSL and others. Yes, I am very lucky. However, the Hermes one seems to be unravelling a bit at one of the corners. Does anyone know if I can bring this into the local Hermes concession, which for me is in Brown Thomas in Dublin and will they fix it? I do not doubt the authenticity. Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide me.
  2. Welcome! You can bring it in, but it will go to Paris to be repaired....
  3. Thank you! Do you know how much it will cost? Sorry to bother you further.
  4. Hi Hapa! Nice to see another Hapa sister on the board!:welcome:
    It depends on the severity, take it to Paris or your nearest....don't attempt yourself.......
    Welcome to the H forum!
  5. Thank you! Even though I do sew there are some places I never venture and one of them is touching the Hermes. (I just recently brought in a vintage Hermes tweed suit as well as cashmere trousers for alterations. The former makes me look like I live in a huge country estate with horses, which I love since it's so not me!) Anyway, I will bring the scarf in after Christmas since it is too busy now.