scarf questions......

  1. I'm intrigued with all of your scarves and really want to start my own collection......where do I start? It all seems so overwhelming. I like the idea of a theme but don't know live near an H store so really have to depend on someone else's pics to decide what to buy. I love pinks and turquoise colors so any suggestions as to my first buy? I read the 'future collectibles' thread and think that might be a start....but which one?????? Is there a series of scarves with one being issued periodically??? I'm really confused and need HELP!! :nuts:
  2. CHANEL......go to the Hermes site and do a little browsing. See which one you fall in love with.....whichever one that is, is the one you should start with. :yes:
  3. Thanks shopmom....I've looked there but there's not a huge that the best way to do it though? Is it easiest to order from their site? Or should I try BG, NM or an H store?
  4. or just log onto eBay and enter Hermes Scarves and you see see a couple of hundred of them. I LOVE to just view all the scarves and see what colors and designs are there. You will learn pretty quick what you like and dont like and eventually I think you'll see a pattern. Have fun and post a picture of your very first one!
  5. Alot of the themes of Hermes scarves are repetitive in that themes reappear over time.

    Think of things that you love....

    For example, do love horses? Well, there has never been a season where hermes dos not do horses on some scarf. Architectural design? This seasons Rooftops of Paris scarf is great!!

    Dogs, birds, shells, boats, the culture of the Mediterannean, and fish are also popular themes that are done over and over again.

    Do you prefer abstract design or more realistic designs? Search for the name Clerc. His scarves are very fanciful sketches that look like abstract art. On the other end of the spectrum are scarves by Dallet, Faivre, or De Poret ( if you can find them)..these tend to be more realistic.

    I second the recommendation to search eBay. You can also go here to search for designs.
  6. Or, yes take a trip into Bergdorfs and Neimans and browse there too.....that's always fun! I'll bet you go home with a beautiful scarf you just fall for on the spot!!!!!
  7. BGs has a very nice selection.....
  8. what great ideas!!! cannot wait to start my search and will post a pic just as soon as I make my first purchase!!!! I really want to stay with a theme....that just sounds like me but who knows with all of the beauties out there!!:tender: :love:
  9. I've decided to collect all of the Paris themed scarves. I have Le Toits de Paris on hold and my next few will be Passage a Paris, Envol, maybe Regarde Paris.
  10. Envol is the scarf with doves escaping from a cage, also used as a United nations special issue - perhaps that is not the correct name ??
  11. Other ideas for collecting scarves
    - bird scarves
    - flowers
    - sea shells
    - Asian theme
    - North or South American themed
    - animals
    - historical
    - abstract motifs - sounds goofy - but I like this category !!
    - contemporray topics eg by Bali Barrett
    - all scarves in all color or tone eg blue
    - pencil & ink style drawing scarves eg finesse
    - fish scarves
  12. CJ, I started out just by surfing on eBay--sticking to reputable sellers, and one day, just spotted a pattern I loved--Turandot, and that's how I began. I came here, learned more about scarves and designers, got a scarf tying book from Hermes and gradually learned what colors worked on me, what patterns I liked, artists, etc. Scarf collecting is a little like collecting art--you can't go wrong by buying what you love.
  13. Thanks all....I printed out all of your suggestions which have helped me a lot.....seems I'm on my way as I now have a 'first' in mind....will post pic when I definitely get it!!!
  14. If you have the opportunity, for your 'first' I would recommend visiting an H boutique and working together with a SA on finding the right scarf for you. The SAs I have met were just amazing in finding the right scarves for me. It is really a lovely experience. They may guide you to patterns or colourways that you otherwise might have overlooked and that really work for you. They also give you great advise on how to tie your scarf.

    If you end up going the ebay route, please post before in the 'authenticate this' thread and we'll help you with authenticiyt issues.
  15. Eeek, you're right. :shame: Which is the one with the Abstract Eiffel Towers done in a watercolor effect? THAT'S that one I want. :yes: