Scarf Question

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  1. I was thinking of getting a scarf for my MIL you typically get the large or thin ponytail scarf to tie on to the bags? Is it as hard as I am hearing to keep it constant ironing every few days?
  2. I get the ponytail ones to tie on my bags. The full size square ones just seem to be too much material for me to get it to lay nicely.

    Iron? What is this thing you speak of? LOL!
    Nope, no ironing here (ever for anything)

    I just tie it on and leave it. When I switch bags I fold it up neatly in half and put it in a box until next time.
    To me it always looks just fine.
  3. I use the pony tail size too. I haven't had problems with it wrinkling. Not sure about the larger sizes I have yet to get one. If I got a larger one I would actually use it on my head. lol
  4. I have one and it wrinkles quite a bit where it is tied but that is it...if it is tied you won't see the wrinkles so no biggie to me...Hope that helps.
  5. I have several pony tail scarves that are specifically for certain bags. I have one ocelot full scarf but no longer have the bag it went with and I have zero use for it now. Pony's are easier to deal with.
  6. I have ponytail scarves for each of my bags (except for the metallic audrey in my avatar because she carries herself well without one!) They get undone sometimes, but that doesn't bother me. I think it's just the perfect size. No ironing here! :smile:

    I was considering the new ocelot square one for my small black kristin satchel, but I'm worried it might overwhelm her!! On the other hand, the square one would also tie nicely around the neck for fall/winter! And I have seen big scarves on bags in fashion magazines so it could work.
  7. i like ponytail scarfs more as well. certain bags can handle a larger square one,its always best to test them out.
  8. When I do tie a scarf on my bag, it's a pony scarf :biggrin: I'm a bit neurotic so I pretty much wash and iron each time I use a scarf.
  9. LOL...I finally bought a new one...I had an expensive Rowenta...when the bottom came loose I duck taped it instead of buying a new one since I mostly used it for crafts...can see where my priorities are!

    Thanks everyone! Black Apple scarf with bag in your avatar looks very pretty!