Scarf question

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  1. Scarfies, do all scarves have the designer's name on them? I was looking thru my En Desordre and 24, Faubourg ones and they don't seem to have them.
  2. Sue, there's a scarf thread somewhere that answers your question in more detail, but the answer in a nutshell is no. Something to do with age of design or something. Sorry, sometimes I have a memory like a sieve. (Still sleep deprived.)
  3. nope. you're correct..neither of these has the designers names.

    En Desordre by Cyrille Diatkine
    24, F by Benoit Pierre Emery

    By the way, the designer of Jungle Love (for those of you who remember) died the other day. He was 85.
  4. Thanks WN and K!!!

    I saw Jungle Love on eBay last nite. Thought it was cute. Sad to hear the designer has passed on. But he left a good legacy:smile:
  5. Robert Dallet
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