Scarf question.....

  1. Hey ladies!

    So I'm absolutely enthralled with Versailles and I really hope to visit there one day; I can't get enough of reading about it and looking at photos and the history from the last Louis-kings of France. My question-- is there a scarf with Versailles on it? Or an 18th-century (1700s) themed scarf? Something really pomp and over the top? I'd love to have something like that.

    :flowers: TIA!
  2. ^^Do you have pics of the second one you mentioned? The name sounds promising!

    OMG! I love Promenade a Versailles!!! That one must be hard to get, I bet...
    Jardins des Versailles is gorgeous too. Wow... :girlsigh:
  3. I found Les Fetes du Roi Soleil on LinPha scarves.... wow.... :love: Of course I pick scarves that are hard to find, I'm sure!
  4. :girlsigh: I love Versailles. These are so stunning!
  5. I :heart: Jardines de Versailles (Maybe In A Brighter Colorway)...Promenade a Versailles Is Just Magnificent!!!!!!!
  6. there is a LOT with this theme

    Le Roi Soleil
    Ludovicus Magnus (commonly known as "Louis XIV")
    Louis XV by LeDoux
    Voltaire (this one shows Chateau Sans Souci which is very versailles like)

    I dont have time to look up pics but you can find pics in any database
  7. Thank you, Seton! I love Louis XV, too :girlsigh: And Le Roi Soleil is lovely!
  8. I absolutely love these. Too bad it's the year of india. :girlsigh:
  9. All of these designs are just so elegant and romantic! I love when someone's interests can be reflected in a scarf--to me that's what makes them so very special. What fun!
  10. :girlsigh: I should just change my grail to "Anything involving Versailles or the King of France" ROFL!
  11. "Voltaire (this one shows Chateau Sans Souci which is very versailles like)"

    Is that San Souci in Potsdam, Germany...or is there a Sans Souci in France as well? I loved San Souci in Potsdam. Would love to see that on a scarf.