Scarf question

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  1. Hi all, I am really into the Burberry scarf lately. Do the cashmere check/giant check muffler ever go on sale before? I would like to get either the pink or blue one or maybe both. If they are not, I guess I have to pay full price for that. Too bad the bloomingdale's 20% excludes burberry:tdown:

  2. I have never seen the traditional Nova Check/House Check cashmere go on sale, but you will find the 50% cashmere 50%/ 50% wool ones in the Burberry outlet and on sale. The authentic ones on eBay are usually the 50% cashmere. Although I did buy a cashmere dark brown check scarf for my hubby last month at the outlet. There were only 2 and I grabbed them!
  3. Burberry outlet does have 100% cashmere on sale. I just got couple of them today, they are $139 with extra 30% or 50% off.
  4. Thank you BurberryGirl and Baiyishang. I will drive by an outlet store on the 21st. Hope they still have sth left.
  5. I just got the Nova Check 100% Cashmere scarf from Holt Renfrew, and they and they had a special 25% discount on items, including the scarf, for their Holt Renfrew American Express cardholders.. so it was great to get a 25% discount on the scarf, because I'm pretty sure they RARELY go on sale!

  6. Too bad I am in US:crybaby:
  7. I'm hesitant to order one...b/c I heard some bluefly stuff aren't authentic
  8. You should do a search for threads on that issue. And if you're still concerned, you can always have it authenticated here after you get it.