Scarf question. Do you remove your care tags?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone removes the care tags on the Hermes scarves. Im about a second away from cutting mine off. It seems to always be showing and I have to always redo the scarf or try to tuck it. :s
  2. I guess if it depends if you think you may ever part company with it. I probably wouldn't because I like things whole if you KWIM
  3. Yes, I know. That is the only thing holding me back right now...
  4. I'd like to but the dry-cleaners (where I live) request that care tags haven't been removed.
  5. ^^^^^ that makes sense.

    but sometimes I do think they should be removed, they are sometime hanging by a thread in which case I do get rid of them.
  6. Yes, I have cut and thrown some away.
  7. Nope I don´t.
  8. On the whole, I leave the tags on but I have removed two. The first was on my small mousseline chiffon lozange - there was no way to hide it - too sheer plus the tag made the scarf sag a bit as it's so light. The second one was a cashmere scarf bought in the sale, the tag was already half-off so I just removed it completely. In both cases, I didn't need to cut anything, I just worked at the thread very gently, there's no knot and I have kept the tags and even the thread that I removed, lol. My taste in scarves has changed over the years and I have sold a couple on ebay so I like to keep tags on 'just in case', also, it just feels wrong removing the tags, although I know people who think it's wrong to leave them on. I suspect they probably should be removed but I can't usually bring myself to do the deed.
  9. I mostly wear my scarves in a way that requires me to start off with the basic fold. I make sure the care tag goes into the first fold - that way it doesn't show. Sometimes this is not practical though, for instance if the care tag corner is prettier than the other ones. In that case, it's a question whether I love the scarf so much that I want to keep it forever... if the answer is yes, the scissors come out!
  10. Never. I once had a conversation with a very sophisticated lady who worked on the continent a great deal and spoke perfect French and she told me that the French have no shame in allowing the care tage to show. I have no idea whether that was a load of flannel or not but she did operate in some very high circles so I took the view that I would follow the French.
    I do feel that removing the care tag in some way emasculates the scarf but I can see where there are good reasons to take them off very light weight items. If a corner comes loose ( and this has only happened once in many years of heavy-duty scarf wearing) I resew it on - very carefully!
  11. I NEVER remove the care tags, and always wear the scarf so the tag is hidden.
  12. I haven't removed the tags from any of the scarves I currently own and don't plan to. However, I recently purchased a scarf from ebay that doesn't have a care tag and I'll see when I get it whether it perturbs me or not!
  13. Always (I keep them with the info label and stories in labeled envelopes).
  14. I don't but if it comes off with heavy use, I don't bother to stitch it back either
  15. Good advice, ladies. :smile:
    I think I would keep the care tags on as well. :smile: