Scarf problem........I think............

  1. So, I've been a little bit on a scarf binge these last few months and I'm beginning to think I've got here.

    I, in no way, can justify reaching into the triple digits in scarf ownership simply because I just can't wear them all in one year so before things get totally out of hand, what do those of you with some sense of restraint DO?!?!?!?!

    Do you restrict yourselves to buying only ONE fantastic design each season? Do you collect certain designers? Do you buy certain colors? Do you collect only vintage Horse themes? Scarves with flowers? Gardens? Farm animals? Are there other people out there like me with absolutely no self-control???????


    ..........(sigh)..........not even a triple olive martini is helping tonight..........:s
  2. ^^^Well, D, no you are not alone. Remember the woman with 3000 scarves. If you do the math, that is almost $1,000,000 worth of scarves. For the most part, a lot of people sell the scarves they are tired of. I'm looking at my pile and thinking that's what I need to do.
  3. Here I am!!! No self control either. One month, five scarves, one scarf ring. It's a sickness.
    I look for reasons to wear them. I plan my day around them.
    Hey, it's cheaper than a divorce.
    And, speaking of martinis, have you seen the new martini glasses from Waterford by Robert Mondavi? Great hand, reasonabley priced, accomodate a GENEROUS pour! Cheers!
  4. There's a woman out there in the world with 3,000 scarves!?!?!?!!? :wtf:

    I guess I shouldn't worry then about the four that are arriving at my house this week......
  5. shopmom, you KNOW you are not the only scarf junkie around here. Have you seen the pics I've been posting? And mind you I didn't post half of what I hauled in.

    Well what I have realized is that my binge comes in waves. Some year I buy a lot, I mean seriously a lot. Other years I buy 1 or 2 per season and I can bearly get excited.

    But still I average a good half birkin a year in scarves. :wtf: I was just doing that math the other day and I was quite ashamed. I have way more than I can wear.

    You CAN take the scarves (those that you never wore, of course) back to H store for exchanges though, any time, with or without receipt.
    I have done that quite a bit over the years with scarves that I bought only because I liked how it looked.
  6. Hee hee...I realized as a newbie scarf junkie that my problem could become a really big problem when DH took note of my rapidly growing collection and said, "you know, you could have bought a bag instead of all those scarves!" And then I chatted with J, who has triple digits and beyond and she wisely gave me the advice to narrow your criteria when selecting scarves. Here are my own criteria for buying scarves-

    1. Buy only colorways that you know will work for you, with the exception of those designs that really strike you in the heart and you fall in love with a colorway that may not be suitable for your skintone but will make you happy looking at it or if you had it framed; i.e., my Natsuno Hidaka scarves.

    2. I generally collect scarves with smaller detail, or where lots of different colors are used (older scarves), and have some sort of flora or fauna on there. Abstract, geometric, equestrian and modern designs are easy for me to avoid. I do like scarves that have some sort of story or geographical theme to it as well.

    3. I generally buy scarves to bring out the colors in my existing bag collection. This could be totally against Fashion 101 rules, but who cares? I love it when a scarf has colors that really pulls a whole outfit together and accentuates the color of a bag or some other aspect of your wardrobe.
  7. Hi Shopmom I too have been collecting quite a few scarves,I love them all.Lately I have been telling myself that I will only buy 1 or 2 from each new season,But then I end up seeing one that I just have to have.I am definitely a Scarf Junkie!P.S. I just added one more to my collection,about 2 hours ago!
  8. i am no help because i desperately want one scarf. lol. but i can relate because i'm on a bag/accessories binge. i just finally told myself i have to stop (unless i get one hermes scarf- lol). i say if you have any you're not going to wear exchange them- i bet you could get something fantastic with only a few scarves that are just sitting there. and maybe try and get only a few a season- until you wear them a lot- then get more!

    tpf should have a scarf trading section. lol. like a loaner section. that way you can try lots of scarves and not have to buy them all. lol

    oh and i can see how they can get addiciting. they're stunning and such works of art!
  9. TODS......what is the scarf you have in your Avatar? From what I can see, it's lovely!!!!!
  10. ^^^^Hah! It'll be the next thing she buys.
  11. Toonie What scarf did you just buy? Spill!!!!!!

    I need to live vicariously through you......
  12. You know what's funny HG? She already has it! Albeit in a different colorway....I think we need an intervention here...
  13. t, i was just thinking the same thing! :roflmfao:
  14. ^^^Oh, brother! D, you need help when you can't remember you already own something.
  15. Shopmom, take a look at the corner of your pale blue Tapis Volant....and then take another look at tods' avatar :graucho: