Scarf printing question

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  1. Hello, I am a silk scarf newbie, so please forgive me if my searches couldn't uncover an answer to this question.

    All of the H 100% silk scarves I own have the printing on one side. There is bleed through to the back side, but it is not saturated like the front. Here is my question. Are all H silk scarves like this, or do some have full saturated color through and through? If there was a change, is there a date when that happened? Just trying to learn more about these wonderful scarves and history. Thank you.
  2. jburgh, (disclaimer - I'm not being an expert!) I believe all the silk scarves have always been printed only on one side and the twilly is the only one that can be viewed from both sides as it is actually two strips of silk!
  3. Sounds right - twillies are hemmed - with the right side on both sides
    Depends on design - some saturate the silk & look good on both sides but others are noticeably paler on the wrong side