Scarf print?

  1. I'm in love with the scarf print, especially the hobos, but I was wondering are they all different? I thought all of the bags would be the same but from what I've seen on eBay the print seems to be in different places. I didn't pay much attention to this style until now since I'm being in Hawaii makes you not even want to see fall-ish bags but now I think I need one. They all seem different, it's a little strange! Are they supposed to be that way?
  2. As far as I know, YES no two are alike so they are HIGHLY faked...I got mine at a department store and registered it with Coach. From what I "remember" awhile back it was a boasting type of thing for the scarf prints because they were more unique. However a few on eBay are probably fakes.
  3. The print is different on all the bags sold. It's the way the print is I think. :yes: And fakes are very hard to tell but one sign is the colors. The fakes don't have it right.
  4. Oh wow, ok that's what I thought. Well that is confusing! And I like some variations of the print better than others. Maybe I'll try to snag one at Macy's or the outlet or something rather than eBay. Thanks! :smile:
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