Scarf Print

  1. oooh that is beautiful....all i know is the blue, pink, and the blue/brown.

    i would love to see a compilation of all the variations though!
  2. Still my #1 favorite.... wish I'd bought it

  3. krispin, that hobo is gorgeoussss! that's from a way earlier season though, can't rem which.
  4. jane- that's my favorite, too. i am SO kicking myself for not getting it...
  5. Oh yeah - Isn't that the first? -
    I think those colors have so much "happy" energy.
    I'm wondering if the pear colored accessories are a good match too.
  6. Of course there is last year's....
  7. Thanks! Does anyone know any style numbers so I can look up on the drill-down? I saw some slides earlier in the week, so not my size. I just think this colorway screams Miami and would be perfect when I visit in a month.

  8. that is definately my favourite! regrettttt :crybaby:
  9. This one is SO pretty! I love the pink thrown in with the browns, and the tassels are just adorable. :drool: :drool:
  10. That scarf print is my favorite also, but I am so afraid of getting them dirty. I would probably never carry it.
  11. Yeah the bottom was beige suede, believe it or not.
  12. I love the blues and browns! Wish I had gotten that one:crybaby: