scarf print style

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  1. I LOVE this purse. I can't explain how much I am in love with this purse. Yet, I can't afford it at the moment. Does anyone own this purse?

    The one I want is:
    coach2.jpg coach.jpg

    I believe this one is fake, just want to verify though
  2. Yes, that one is most DEFINANTELY a fake

    eek I wanna puke.
  3. I am thinking to get one of them on eBay too.

    And the bottom picture is a fake one. I saw it one eBay this morning too.
  4. I got the tote at the outlet today. They were sold out of the tote and there is only demis and the wristlets left at the outlet I went to. I called in for them to hold one for me and I'm glad I did! When I got there, the last 2 on the floor were already taken.

  5. They had the scarf print tote at some mall in Milkwalkee Wisconsin... I am not from wisconsin.. was there on a business day trip... it was on sale for a good percentage off...

    I Guess that's not much help... :sad: I don't really even remember what dept. store it was. :sad:
  6. kathyrose, I love your purchase. I live in Canada so there are no coach outlets anywhere near me. If I could get bag or clutch (I ADORE THAT CLUTCH!) that you got in an outlet I would be so happy! Congrats on your new purchases
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