Scarf Print in outlets!

  1. The scarf print has definitely hit the outlets. I saw some scarf print bags on eBay with the Factory tags and target sign. Will mine have it? I guess we'll find out on Saturday! :yahoo:
  2. Oh, shoot, I was going to go next Wednesday, but maybe I'll have to go down early ...
  3. Wheee! Now I really can't wait until Saturday (but I must).
  4. does this count as signature? will all outlets carry it?
  5. Guess this is my weekend to check out the Hagerstown, MD outlet!
  6. I don't think it's considered signature...My outlet doesn't carry signture but it did have at one time the spring scribble bags.
    Man it's supposed to rain here all weekend & of course it's an outdoor I don't know if I'll be going or not.:crybaby:
  7. I have no idea if it does but it's best if you call them first and ask. I'm calling mine to ask but I'm still going with or without the scarf print.
  8. I love Leesburg outlet mail when it's bad weather -- keeps the crowds down! Seriously.
  9. It's a too far drive for me, so my family was going to go too to get some back to school clothes. I don't think my mom wants to go now. So, I'll end up shopping for a Tiffany lamp for her since my son knocked it off the table onto the floor & broke it. There is a DSW by there though.
  10. I just called both Hagerstown and Leesburg. Leesburg is a no-go but Hagerstown has it. I had 1 put on hold cause I don't know if it will all sell out. I hope the SA picks a nice one with no rips or anything. LOL.
  11. Thanks kathyrose! great news!
  12. Oh, I wish Leesburg had it. Does anyone know if they have the swing packs, that is what I am looking for?
  13. :yahoo: How much was it?

  14. Steph,
    Do you live near Leesburg? If you do and you see it at the outlet store, will you let me know? I'm supposed go to down to northern VA in 2 weeks to go visit my parents and I'd like to stop by if they do.
  15. does anyone know the price? Because I am thinking to get one on ebay. I am thinking about the 10106 big hobo. Thanks!