Scarf Print Ergo Owners.. HELP?!!

  1. So I'm looking looking looking at my ergo and the stiching looks off. Like it's fraying sort of, or pulling the fabric. Whatever it is, it's standing up from the bag. I'll try and show pics if I can. Does anyone have this issue?? What can I do, or should I just leave it be?
  2. I tried to show it as best as I can. Am I making a big deal over nothing?
    IMG_0500.jpg IMG_0503.jpg IMG_0502.jpg IMG_0504.jpg
  3. I have this bag and it's doing the same thing. I use my bag pretty often though, so I just assumed it to be wear and tear. Plus the material is not very heavy.
  4. I think its normal with scarf bags, even though i don't have one. I do think its normal but if you're not happy with it, you can always sell it on eBay before furthur damage or fraying is done or ask the coach store to repair it.
  5. its the nylon fabric. it pulls at the seams and will do that
  6. I think it's normal with use. I don't use mine very often so I haven't noticed the stitching much. I figure that as long as it does "run" or snag, it should be okay.
  7. Hello All ! So I've been on here forever, and have been admiring all of your bags and great tips ! But anywho . . . I have this bag and mine doesn't do that, but I do not use it that often, because of the material and the fabric stains !!! (By the way, I was wondering if you could scatch-gauard coach bags ?) :confused1:
  8. my scribble tote does this, sort of the sitching fraying i would say, at least that's my case!
    normal wear and tear..if you're really paranoid, you could take one of those little fabric shavers, that like shave the " pills" off of sweaters and stuff... i'd say it's worth a try if it really bothers you
  9. I have this same bag and have only used it a few times ( 3 - 4x) since purchasing it. I'm also afraid of the bag having any issues with the material (snags, pulling, etc.) so I'm really careful when using the bag.