scarf print clutch

  1. Hi guys.. I've been looking for the scarf print clutch that looks like this:[​IMG]
    Does anybody know where I can find this? And what's a good price for it?
    TIA guys!:smile:
  2. It was at the outlets over labor day...and at very low prices...but I'm sure they are all gone could always call around and ask.
  3. Last time I called around (Coach outlets) was about 2 weeks ago & they were $75.00. If they are still around they would probably be cheaper now.
  4. Ooh, can someone get one for me? I live in Vancouver, and there's no Coach outlet around. I'll pay for shipping and finder's cost of course :yes:
  5. Did you check eBay they were all over there a while back and going for about 60 ish I was interested in one myself then we got a new dog and their went my coach money! :P I love my doggie though, wouldn't trade him for anything!
  6. Looks good to me! Good luck!:yahoo:
  7. Good luck.
  8. Yup, they were at the outlets for Labor Day and the only ones you'd probably find now is on eBay.
  9. it's good:graucho:
  10. looks authentic to me too....good luck!
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