Scarf Print Availability Question

  1. Hey all, I have a quick question for those that have been following Coach for a while now.

    Items that are in past season goes to the outlets and that's where I make most of my purchases so far. I know that some items however sell out fast and never make it to the outlets. I was wondering if any of you who has ever been to the outlets remember seeing the scarf print lines there. I loved last year's scarf print but didn't get anything and they're all gone. I saw the current scarf print and love this even more. Actually, BF loves it and showed it to me and I want it!

    I usually wait until I get to the outlets to purchase bags I like and if it's not there, I just say oh well but for some reason I don't want to take that chance with the current scarf print. Any insight ladies? Thanks in advance!
  2. If you want it really badly I would say go ahead & get it. Because that's the chance you would have to take if you decide to might make it to the outlets & it might not. ALOT of the handbags that aren't signatures usually make it to the outlets though.
  3. Try and get is as quick as possible, or try ebay
  4. When I was in Coach the other day, the SA said that their scarf line was going quick; much quicker than anything they have seen in the past. If you love it, grab it now.
  5. I would get it NOW. It has been really popular this year.
  6. I would just buy it--last year none of the scarf print stuff made it to the outlet

    it is selling very quickly, at least at my store
  7. The only scarf print thing I saw end up at an outlet was an did my best friend...and she was bummed because she'd special ordered it at the regular store when it was out...and it was just a few months later we saw it at the outlet.
  8. Thanks everyone! I am probably going to get it this weekend. I've never spent a lot of $ on Coach as I always buy at the outlets and this will be a first for me. Thanks!
  9. That can be dangerous!:biggrin: I started out with all outlet store stuff too!!! Now I have a lot of regular stuff because I got tired of "waiting" for stuff to get to the outlet that always sold out first!
  10. I am really glad I got a couple of these scarf print items. The bags are a big too much for me, but the scarf and cosmetics case are perfection.
  11. What do you plan on getting? :amuse:
  12. The large tote. Either that or the next smaller size. This would be the priciest item from Coach I am paying so we'll see what happens. BF is taking me to the Outlet in VA first before going to the Coach store in MD.
  13. Speaking of the scarf print collection, I was wondering if someone could verify the all purple/lilac color scheme purses? They have different shades of purple on it and on a smaller purse I've seen has rhinestones/crystals on its buckle. I have seen a few floating around the net and eBay but I have no idea if it's legit since I haven't seen them in those colors before.

    Also, each time I've seen it, the description stated that it hasn't been released yet. So is this really a line that is supposed to be coming out soon, if at all?

    Much thanks!
  14. According to the SA at the Philadelphia store, once the bags are sold out that's it. From the way she made it sound, I don't think that the scarf print will make it to the outlet.
  15. Thanks for the confirmation. I'm kinda hoping I won't find too much stuff I like at the outlet so that I can get the tote in the store ASAP. Thanks again!