Scarf Prices go up 2-1-08

  1. Just spoke with very sweet SA at Hermes, las Vegas. She sold me a scarf and will hold it for me until my trip. 325-360.

    Sorry if a double post.
  2. Today on scarves 355.US I made my last ditch buys last night.
  3. oh jeez. i thought this was hitting next week. dumb me.
  4. this is a sad sad day.....:crybaby:
  5. You're still way ahead of us in Canada - scarves here are $400 and that's after they adjusted prices downward last year and with no new increase for 2008. And our dollar is at par with the US. In Ontario, add 13% tax to that....
  6. the USA went up to $355 today. they are already increased on the website
  7. The prices in Germany have already gone up a couple of weeks ago...
  8. I know! I stopped in by chance and managed to get my last minute buys in under the wire, including a pair of earrings which had somehow been neglected during the mark-up. Whew!
  9. What's next?:boxing:
  10. I am going to Vegas in a couple of weeks and I called the store to see if they had the scarf I was admiring on the website- they did and the sweet SA sold it to me, and is holding it along with the other color combos(that I did not purchase) I could not decide on. She said if I changed my mind about the color, the price increase would not apply. (Which is logical I think.)

    Still, very nice SA. I can't wait to meet her. She will be working the day we hit the strip.
  11. I phoned the store today and the AU price is $495 for 90x90 size and the pochettes and twillys are $200. It is so expensive here for Hermes.
  12. Did a quick check. Scarf prices are updated on
  13. And cashmere shawls are up to $950... a $100 increase. I am not familiar with any company that raises prices yearly to such a degree as H. This is really painful!
  14. I believe Chanel raised their prices more than once last year. Not sure exactly how much but my Chanel-loving friends say it's so ridiculously high, they're defecting to the Hermes camp.