Scarf Pics!

  1. My Mom gave me this scarf from her vast collection...does anyone know the name of it? Thanks!
    Hermes full.jpg hermes close.jpg
  2. Pavois by Philip Ledoux. 1st issue in 1964, reissues in 1998 and this year.
  3. are the best...a treasure trove of knowledge that always amazes me! :heart:
  4. Thank you Hermesgroupie!
  5. :choochoo:Hermesgroupie, your knowledge at your fingertips AMAZED me constantly! :heart::heart:
  6. It's one of my favorites -- lucky you!
  7. What a vintage treasure, congratulations!
  8. coldplaylover : i have the reissue for this yr - it's gorgeous !! congrats !
  9. Congrats! I love this scarf - I was this close to getting the reissue this weekend but it wasn't in the colorway I wanted. Yours is beautiful!