SCARF owners... need YOUR help! Please post pics of your tags!

  1. I am on a quest to find out which sewn tags are accurate... my own Burberry scarves have been purchased from Holt Renfrew so I have never seen IRL the scarves that tPFers purchase from other high-end department stores and Burberry outlets.

    I am very interested in looking at the stitching color and whether your scarf has that extra piece on the right side of the sewn tag.

    I would really appreciate it if you could post a nice closeup pic of the tag on your scarf and mention where it was purchased. PLEASE watermark your pics.

    Maybe this thread can help others figure out what to avoid on eBay. :yes:

    I thank you in advance! :heart:
  2. Here ya go, Addy, hope this helps. I bought this at the outlet in Round Rock, TX.
  3. bump! nobody else can provide pictures?
  4. I'm a Holt Renfrew scarf buyer myself, so I won't be of much help!
  5. Scarf owners, did your scarves come in clear plastic bags ?
  6. mine came in a burberry box with a clear plastic window in the front..
  7. I got the ivory colored giant one from Saks a couple of weeks ago for $295. Here are some pics:




  8. addy you're such a detective, good going!
  9. some more...the white tag is behind the burberry tag.


  10. Thanks guys! I also need to post a bunch of mine too. :p

    I am planning to start a stickied locked thread on authentication in 2008 - scarves, bags, etc. and will start with the scarves, the bags are going to be a lot of work (not that the scarves are not already :lol:) and the thread will be a work in progress. :yes:

    Keep the pics and info coming on this thread. :tup:
  11. Hi everyone! I recently went to Sydney, Australia in mid-Nov and bought my scarf from a Burberry store in the duty free DFS Galleria mall. I was in Holt today and didn't see any cashmere scarves left so I wonder what the tags look like. I hope people don't think mine is fake since it's blue and not beige! :confused1:
    Burberry 1-1.JPG
  12. ^^^ I have scarves with navy tags also - there are two colors of tags, the navy and beige
  13. is there such thing as tag being black ?
  14. Here's a few of mine

    Pink scarf was from Burberry Store in Sydney. DH bought it as a gift for me

    Black scarf was from Saks 5th Avenue (from another boardie)


    PS: i think i have a baby blue one that has a black tag (not sure), but i need to find it
    tag1.jpg tag2.jpg