Scarf or Twilly?

  1. OK everyone...I want to soooo officially become a part of the tPF Hermès community so I need to get something:yahoo:. I would :heart:LOVE:heart: to get a 35 black birkin with PH but I guess that's something I will have to slowly search/wait for since I don't think I want to go the reseller route (maybe? not sure yet)...I am thinking at least for my first H purchase, I should get the actual "store" experience. Anyway, I would like to get either a scarf or a twilly but cannot decide between the 2. Can you guys tell me which one you guys get the most use out of??? I was just looking at the "Playtime with your scarf" PDF document from cute! How do you use your twilly??? Photos are more than welcome!! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I use my twilly to 'dress' my Kelly

  3. I wear twillys in my hair! I have a pointu, and love wearing that (it's like one half of a scarf!). A great size for me ^_^

    VVVVV :biggrin:
  4. I love the carre, the 90x90 cm scarf. I find it ssssooo versatile. You can wear it as a belt, wrapped around your hair, tied on your bag, worn as a halter, around your neck to keep you warm, around your head to keep you dry during a rain, etc. I could go on and on.
  5. So there's the twilly, the pointu, the regular sized scarf and the 90cm x 90cm large scarf? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  6. The 90cm x 90cm is the standard carre, or regular sized scarf. Hermes also does losanges (trapezoidal), oblongs, pochettes, and shawls.
  7. I find the regular 35" square scarf to be the most functional for myriads of tying options. Second to that I use the Pointu shape the most. Love the triangular shape and its ease of tying.
  8. I love Carrés and even more Carrés plissés !!!