Scarf or no scarf on my new patent tote??

  1. Got my red patent tote today and I LOVE it! Just as much as my turquoise one! I thought the scarf might be cute on it - but I"m afraid it's too much. What do you guys think?


  2. no scarft i think takes away from the look of the bag
  3. I have the red patent hobo so I know how you feel about this bag! I think the color and the shine is awesome and IMHO the scarf is too much. I haven't even put a charm on my red one. Sometimes less is more!:yes:
  4. :drool: leave the scarf off, that bag is beautiful as is!
  5. I LOVE the scarf! But not on the bag.
  6. I have the red hobo and I agree with everyone. No scarf because the bag is stunning all by itself. Enjoy it.
  7. drop dead gorgeous!
  8. I think it looks fab either way! Love it!
  9. I have the red patent ergo tote and I usually wear it without anything on it. I find the Ergos just beautiful on their due to the simpleness of the designI sometimes wear my skull charm and it looks awesome on it - with the whole black and white thing going on. BTW, Congrats on your awesome bag!!!
  10. I don't usually love extra stuff on bags, but that scarf looks amazing on it!!!!! It also looks great without of course
  11. :yes: I agree. I'm going to be in the minority and say keep it on there! :tup:
  12. Leave the scarf off (although it is gorgeous)....the red patent is hot enough to tand on its own.
  13. Without scarf...the bag is GORGEOUS on it's own!
  14. I actually like the scarf on the bag!:yes:

    Congrats! It is GORGEOUS!:drool:
  15. leave the scarf on or wear it...i think the bag and scarf make a good team to wear together or at least both on you.