Scarf or Mini Skinny

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Which accessory should I get to go with my Acorn Alexandra??

  1. Mini Skinny

  2. Scarf

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have decided to get the Acorn Alexandra but should I get a scarf to go on her or a mini skinny.
  2. Do you have pics of the choices?
  3. Not sure. I know it will either be a scarf that matches the acorn or a mini skinny. Not sure which color I would want though.
  4. Not a scarf fan so I voted for the mini skinny.:biggrin:
  5. Mini skinny
  6. Are you keeping Sophia???
  7. I have already returned the sophia and got a store credit. I have tried to like Sophia twice and this bag just isn't for me although it is beautiful. I always go back to the alexandra and I really love leather and the alexandra leather is stunning.
  8. Oh, I didn't know you returned her..That stinks, you seemed to have loved her so much when you revealed her!Well, its a good thing Coach makes many bags,lol!You did pick a great color in the alexandra.I say a skinny!I still have yet to but a scarf~
  9. I did really love the color but the shoulder straps were way to short and even the longer strap was too short maybe it is just on the large and this bag would not stand up on its own like the small sophia does so sadly I had to return.
  10. mini skinny got my vote.
  11. I will be the voice of dissent -- I say scarf! ;)

    Unless you don't have any kind of wallet, wristlet, coin purse already, a scarf would look really cute on that bag. The scarf would be seen all the time and give an otherwise plain bag (plain in a good way!) a little color and excitement. A mini skinny would stay hidden in your bag most of the day.

    That is my rationale. Do with it what you will. :P
  12. ^I agree with Brookitacita. Alexandra is such a clean design she can carry a scarf.
  13. i voted for the scarf. i love how a scarf livens up any bag!!!! and it will get seen so much more than the mini skinny.
  14. I say the mini skinny. I'm not much of a fan of the scarf on bags. Even though some bags can pull it of, I still prefer scarves on head instead of bag. Just MHO.
  15. Mini skinny is my vote...not a scarf person but I've seen it done beautifully in some of the pics here. Sounds like it takes some maintenance to keep it looking really nice.