Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. YAY!!!! The BH moussie makes the list - makes me happy to see! It sure does look fab on you! I wish I could find a Versailles - what fun to have a scarf on site with it. We are twinsies on the ZP - I am glad to see you modeling it, gives me some hope that the colors will work for me, too.

    Alas, I have far too many scarves - and a very ugly week at work coming up - to be able to land at 5. But I am surely going to enjoy which are special favorites of others!!
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  2. Thank you so much for your compliment, bobcat!
  3. SOTD and coincidentially one of my 5 faves: Space Shopping
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  4. Ahhh, yes, BH moussie will forever be in my heart, dear! And ooh, happy to be twins on ZP! Isn't that emerald green just perfection?? And Versailles is still around - I know I've seen it still in stores if you're looking for one. I'm happy to help in any way I can!
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  5. Love your choices and your narrative even more - thank you for the beauty and good fun :smile:
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    Okay, here goes. This was actually a very interesting exercise...

    1). L'Ivresse de l'Infini because it was my very first grail that I patiently sought out. I still love it so beyond reason


    2). Ex-Libris en Kimonos because it's beautiful, it goes with everything, and it reminds me of an important lesson I learned very expensively about H silk temporary insanity. Total loss of fiscal wits. Never again. But I am so happy to have it and wear the bejesus out of it for the cost per wear rationalization. Here it is in Paris!


    3). Tyger, because it was my first brand new H silk and I fell in love with it as soon as it popped up on the next season anticipation thread. I love him, he just makes me happy.


    4). Savana Dance for the same reasons; because it's beautiful and I just love it. I'm so happy whenever I wear it


    5). This was murder choosing between this one and one other. But I went with this because of its more classic beauty, its exquisite subtle coloration, its mythic subject, and its rarity these days. I am lucky to have it. Mythiques Phoenix:


    Phew! Now I have guilt because I love all the others too, but this has been very enlightening. Thanks to whomever thought of this topic!

    ETA: sorry about the L'Ivresse extra pic, I can't seem to delete it. Weird.
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  7. Fabulous.
  8. Beautiful quintet, Pirula! :love:
  9. Beautiful choices, Pirula!
    It is hard to choose 5! I am working on it and will post later in the week. Thank you for sharing. You look lovely in each picture!!!
  10. Your fabulous five are an explosion of colour! Thank you for sharing them! :smile:
  11. Love all your choices, esp those delightful dark pinks. And I have to admit to frequent bouts of temp H insanity too, relieved only by strenous application of household economics (do I really need lunch? - it's worth one-hundredth of a 90cm! 45 lunches = 1 pochette!) Ahem, I'll just go pop a Valium...
  12. Sigh :love: You have two of my grails in there. Shan't say which as I believe in grail taboos (otherwise known as resellers checking tpf to jack up prices :frown:)
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  13. Wonderful choices Pirula, love the Eiffel Tower backdrop. I can relate to the happiness the scarves bring.
  14. All gorgeous, I would be beyond happy with the Beverley Hills mouss in your stunning cw which suits you so well. The Versailles scarf on site photo is fab!
  15. Thank you, Eliwon! Looking forward to your fab five!

    Gorgeous, Pirula! You have so many swoon-worthy choices!

    Thank you, dear litchi! I can't wait to see yours!

    I have been known to Cup-O-Noodle it for a little while when I've gone a bit koo koo for H-puffs.
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