Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. Thank you!
  2. Simply scrumptious lanit!

    So perfect Pirula! Just right with the striped top!

    Love it eliwon!

    Oh my- that Indian Dust is gorgeous!
  3. Crossing over with a scarf for last week and this week.

    The Scythian gold jewelry from far away in time and place on Cavaliers d"or. And also a favorite scarf for this weeks top 5 theme.

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  4. In the last minute for distant-places-theme-week: La Marche du Zambèze

    La Marche du Zambèze 400.jpg
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  5. Wonderful "FARAWAY PLACES" week everyone!
    Beautiful scarves and interesting designs... thanks for playing!
  6. Thanks for all the likes!
  7. 16 July 2017 FIVE KEEPERS: The five scarves you couldn’t do without or that you wear the most

    Five Keepers: here’s a topic for all us Silkies!
    Spread out your scarves (or spreadsheets) and tell us about your special five…
    Are these the ones you wear the most? Or are they the ones you love to admire?
    Are they sentimental favorites? Do you include your first H scarf? Your oldest?
    Or the one you bought most recently?
    In your five, are there grails you searched for long and hard? Or impulse buys that chose you?
    Are they by a particular designer? Or in certain colors you depend on?

    I’ve had an interesting time contemplating this one. Mine do seem to be in favorite colors, but I discovered some design favorites I hadn’t realized I had. I was surprised to see that they weren’t all by Annie Faivre, either!

    Ex Libris en Kimonos: it took me a long time to find my colorway, but I adore this one and I wear it on special occasions when I want to look extra classy!
    Ex Libris en Kimonos sepia tied TPF.jpg

    Metamorphoses par Hermes-Paris by Philippe Dumas, a favorite H artist -- I love all the blues and the contrast hem on this oh-so-weird design.
    Metamorphoses composite tpf.jpg
    Hippopolis in the ombre colorway: though I also have it in the lighter aqua pastel shades, this is the one I count on to look great with almost everything I like to wear
    Hippopolis dark composite.jpg

    Dancing Pearls by Virginie Jamin, another favorite designer. Though this isn't me, I love the photo of this Parisian boulevardier wearing this scarf with such insouciance
    dancing pearls composite Parisian guy.jpg

    J'aime mon Carre: my signature 70cm in my favorite colors -- we chose each other the moment I spotted it when I first walked into the Atlanta H boutique. (Worn here with a stylish mors ring)
    J'aime mon Carre mors in car.jpg
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  8. Oh, MY! That is just stunning, Croisette7! I always enjoy your photos.
  9. This is going to be a fantastic week :smile:
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  10. Omg how will I ever do this? Must think carefully. . Great challenge! Your five are gorgeous Scarf Mistress.
  11. Thank you, ABQ2ATL! :flowers:
    I'm really looking forward to this week -- to see all the beautiful favourite 5s! I'm also wondering if I can come up with a'll be like choosing among family. :nuts: :lol:
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  13. I love the range displayed in your five, dear scarfmistress! I echo the others in the wailing and gnashing of teeth at choosing just five - it's the Sophie's Choice of scarves! I've studied my spreadsheet and have narrowed it to seven. Will post when I've tearfully cut two.
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  14. This is when I deeply regret not following up on my spreadsheet (primrose path and all that...). Will have to rely on non-flawless memory, and the WWF battle between the "I love you desperately" scarves and the "I'll wear you to death" silks :annoyed:
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  15. OK, I'm back. I know, that didn't take very long, did it?

    So my fab five, the five I would want on a deserted island, my Jackson Five would be:

    My latest beauty, my precious: Bev Hills moussie.

    Next, my very first H scarf, my gateway drug to the H world: Zebra Pegasus

    Then things get a leetle bit testy between the remaining three gladiators jockeying for the next position ... In no particular order:

    Flanerie a Versailles for not only being a fantastically unexpected cw to fall in love with but also for giving me the ultimate scarf-on-site experience.

    Ex Libris en Kimono
    This is the scarf that convinced me that the hive collective on grails here on tpf is to be implicitly trusted.
    (I somehow lost my mod shot, so attaching H's of my cw)

    And lastly, my newest CSGM. I absolutely fell in love with this cw when it first came out and just couldn't get it out of my head. I was finally able to track one down. I don't have mod shots of this yet - too hot! - but will soon!
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