Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

  1. OOoh, thank you. I think I *will* see this in person....
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  2. WOW! And the perfect blouses!!
  3. before theme week ends, my mousse find by Catherine Baschet. Le Fleuve Sacre
  4. eliwon, we're twins on the grey one as well and I wear it always on white.
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  5. Today's lovely. Hmmm, a fantasy costume ball in Paris; that's "far away." Unfortunately.

    Bal Masque:

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  6. Twins on this one!
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  7. IMG_5951.JPG I'll up the ante before this week's theme ends - I give you La Voie Lactee twice over The blue one is sadly a bit unbecoming so it doesn't get a lot of air time, whereas the dark one really do have white globes glowing in the dark, so perfect during winter time.
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  9. Will be perfect for wearing on the eclipse day!
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  10. So cute! I'd love to see the whole thing if you have a minute?
  11. Yesterday's Fantaisies Indiennes while an errand of mercy (one of my little cookies had a car issue)


    And today - Indian Dust. It seems like this scarf goes with so much and has that bright pop of pink I always love

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  12. With pleasure. Here you Cookie...

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  13. Holding off dear because I was spirited away by two CSGMs and two pochettes!
  14. Thanks my partner in H crime!
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