Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. A Scarf on Site Review is done at the end of the year, but the new Scarf Mistress/Master can choose to do it anytime... let me know via PM if you're interested in taking on the job and letting me retire!
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  2. 18 June 2017 SCARF and NECKLACE: show us how you combine them
    This has been a frequently-requested topic and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of new ideas.
    The necklaces don't have to be Hermes, but we always like to see H scarves.
    Here's my Ballets Russe plisse with a couple of my Southwest necklaces:
    BR plisse composite  necklaces TPF.jpg

    and if you want to wear your scarf as a necklace, here's a link to MaiTai's How-To page:

    Great work on Dimitri Rybaltchenko Week!
  3. What a marvelous and fun idea! I look forward to seeing some lovely posts!
  4. Bride de Cour and BV necklaces
    IMG-20170619-WA0002.jpg IMG-20170619-WA0001.jpg
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  5. Is this the CW on the web site?
  6. Oh Wow. Beautiful. Will have to rethink the list:coolio::coolio::coolio:
  7. Yes. this is the limited edition.
  8. This is a lovely colour on you. :smile:
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  9. Thank you both !:wave:
    Even a mousseline too warm for our London heat today …….
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  10. Dear Scarfies, it is sizzling here in the UK which is very unusual and so I cannot face wearing any scarves! So here is archive pic of Check In (late for last week's theme, sorry). IMG_1497877965.420748.jpg

    And archive jewellery with scarf pic.
    And pic of a British gentleman trying to keep cool
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  11. So so hot here , your scarves look hot too!
  12. Omg it is close to 100 degrees so i am posting an archive picture! Stay cool everyone!

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  13. Beautiful! And I also love your English gentleman...
    You've convinced me that I *need* a mors ring too!
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    Splendeurs de Maharaja with pearls: IMG_1497880028.315562.jpg

    (I struggle with this scarf a bit - I love the colors but I'm not too fond of the faces in the corners and so have to fold it in a way to hide them )
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  15. For me it's the big and small formats that work with a necklace.
    Don't do my 90cm or 70cm with one for some reason! I de R  Farand 1Photo on 18-02-2016 at 19.09.jpg Old shot feux d'artifice and farandole .jpg CSGM CSMC 28:12 FARANDOLE.jpg

    CSGMs Cheval sur Mon Carré and L'Instruction du Roy
    Gavroche Feux d'Artifice worn with Farandole.
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